Discover Grad School Prep

Hands typing on a laptop keyboard next to a stethoscope Advanced degrees can be excellent stepping stones for Letters and Science (L&S) students who are interested in professions that require graduate school or who wish to pursue academia beyond the undergrad experience. This also includes professional programs such as medical school or law school.

It's never too early to start exploring (and preparing for) graduate school programs and we have resources to support you at every stage. 

Best starting place to prepare for grad school

There are many ways to get started, but we might recommend: 

  • L&S Advising's Pre-Professional Graduate Programs events and advising services. L&S Advisers who specialize in advising for premed, pre-health professions, law school, and MA/PhD programs can talk with you about your interests, give you ideas on how to explore fit, and plan your academics. 
  • Berkeley Career Engagement. Berkeley Career Engagement's website is full of helpful information considering advanced degrees, including prerequisites (if applicable) and tips on preparing. Additionally they offer support in planning your path to an advanced degree, exploring options for related hands on experiences, and reviewing your application materials.

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