Preparing for Graduation

If you’re approaching graduation, congratulations! This page will help you make sure you take the necessary steps for everything to go smoothly. 


While students often use “graduation” to mean multiple things, the university uses the following terms: 

  • Graduation refers to you officially earning your B.A. degree and finishing your time as an undergraduate student. Expected Graduation Term (EGT) therefore refers to the term in which a student plans to complete their degree. Review for degree completion will begin at the end of your EGT term (which can be found on your CalCentral Dashboard).  

  • Commencement refers to the ceremonies students attend to celebrate graduation. There is both a general ceremony for all students as well as departmental ceremonies. Students can walk in a spring commencement ceremony if they will officially graduate any time between the Fall semester before the ceremony to the Fall semester after the ceremony (exceptions to walk in earlier or later can sometimes be made for students who are studying abroad). Check out the Commencement Website for more information.

Critical Information About Graduation

  • Check your Academic Progress Report (APR) to verify completion of degree requirements.  The College uses the APR to graduate students admitted Fall 2011 and after, so ensure that the University and Campus and the College portions of your APR accurately reflect your progress. Refer to the Assess Your Progress section (and/or watch our Graduation Video Series) to understand how to review your degree progress.
  • Students who are not attending UC Berkeley in their EGT semester (finishing up at another school or not taking courses at all) may have to fill out a form to make sure they are not dropped from the graduation review list. See below for more information. 

  • Deadlines for moving EGT terms have no exceptions. If your EGT is on the term you like, you don’t have to take any action. But if you want to move your EGT term, make sure you are aware of the deadlines. 

  • Students who change their major or declare a double major/simultaneous degree in their final semester are ineligible to graduate that term. They must place themselves on a future EGT. However, if a student is undeclared and then declares a major in their final semester, they will be allowed to graduate. Some majors will not declare a student in their final term, so students should check with their department.

Graduation FAQ

When is my Expected Graduation Term (EGT)?

Check the Academics tab on your Cal Central to find your EGT term (located under your photo). These terms are automatically issued reflecting graduation in eight semesters for freshmen or four semesters for transfers. 

If your EGT is set to the semester you plan to finish and you will be enrolled at UC Berkeley during that term, you do not need to take further action. If it is not set to the right term or you will not be enrolled in that term, see below. 

Can I move my EGT?

You can request to change your EGT. If you are changing to a current term, you must make the request prior to the deadline.

To request to change your EGT to an earlier term, a summer term, or a future Fall/Spring term when you are sure you are under the unit ceiling, you may submit a Change of EGT form to the intake staff at our office locations. If you are declared in a double major or simultaneous degree and wish to move your EGT to a ninth semester (fifth semester for transfers), you may also use the form. No appointment is required. 

If you wish to move your EGT to a future Fall/Spring term, but are not sure you are at or under the unit ceiling (or if you know you will be above the unit ceiling), you will need an appointment with an L&S College Adviser to see if taking extra semesters will be possible. 

Not enrolled in UC Berkeley during EGT term - Extra steps

If you are planning to graduate in a Fall or Spring semester and will not be enrolled in UC Berkeley during that semester, fill out the online Non-Registered EGT Request form to make sure you are on the degree list. If you do not take this step, you will not be on the list of students reviewed for graduation.

Taking courses at UC Berkeley Extension does not count as being enrolled at UC Berkeley. You will need to fill out this form.

If you are planning to graduate in a Summer semester and will not be enrolled, we recommend meeting with an L&S College Adviser to determine the right steps to take, as procedures for Summer degree lists are complex and more likely to change year to year. 

If you were dismissed but believe you can graduate without readmission, see our Readmission After Dismissal page and review "Readmission After Dismissal for Graduation Purposes Only" to understand steps needed. 

If you are taking classes elsewhere, review the additional information below about taking coursework at another institution during your EGT term. 

Cancelling or Withdrawing from EGT term - Extra steps

If you still wish to graduate in your EGT term, fill out the online Non-Registered EGT Request form to make sure you are not dropped from the EGT list.

If you wish to resume your studies in a future semester, see the Readmission page. 

Taking transfer coursework / studying abroad in EGT term

If you are completing courses at another institution in your EGT term, the academic calendar at the transfer institution must list the last day of the term as being on or before the deadline listed in the Graduation Deadlines section below. If the term ends after that deadline, even if your courses end before that date, you would need to move your EGT to the following semester.

If you will not be enrolled at Cal, review the “Not enrolled in UC Berkeley during EGT term - Extra steps” FAQ above.

If you will be enrolled at Cal and wish to also take coursework at another institution, review the Concurrent Enrollment policy in advance of signing up for transfer courses.

If you are attending UCEAP in your final semester, you will use the following guidelines to determine your EGT (you may need to meet with an L&S College Adviser to determine your eligibility for moving an EGT to a later semester/term): 

  • If your Fall UCEAP program ends by December 31, you should have a Fall semester EGT.

  • If your Fall UCB program ends after December 31, you should have a Spring semester EGT.

  • If your Spring UCEAP program ends by May 31, you should have a Spring semester EGT.

  • If your Spring UCEAP program ends after May 31, you should have a Summer term EGT.

  • If your plan to enroll in Summer UCEAP, you should have a Summer term EGT.

Make sure to submit your official transcripts by the deadlines for your EGT semester (see below).

Degree Checks

It’s a great idea to double check your degree requirements before graduation. Refer to the Assess Your Progress section [and/or watch our Graduation Video Series] to understand how to review your degree progress. 

If you have any incomplete or missing grades you do not intend to finish in your academic record, we recommend seeing an L&S College Adviser regardless of what your APR says to review your unit counts. 

Problems enrolling after EGT term

Your EGT term is when you are expected to be finished with your undergraduate program. If you plan to take more classes after that term, see I want to finish my degree in a different semester. Can I move my EGT?” above.

If I haven’t completed my minor by the end of my EGT term, will I automatically be moved to a different EGT term?

No, if you have completed all campus, university, college, and major requirements, you will be automatically graduated even if you have not completed your minor. You would need to move your EGT in this case if you wished to finish your minor.

Proving you finished degree requirements or have final degree requirements in progress

To explore options for speeding up the degree review process, see the Office of the Registrar’s information under “Prove I Graduated Before Degrees Are Posted.”

If a prospective employer or graduate school needs an official statement that a student will be completing their degree requirements prior to the posting of the degree, L&S College Advisers can also provide a “Letter of Intent to Graduate.” This letter will verify, during the student’s last term, that successful completion of current courses will fulfill the student’s remaining requirements for the degree. 

If you would like an Intent to Graduate letter, bring a statement from your Undergraduate Major Adviser verifying completion of your major requirements with in-progress coursework to an appointment with an L&S College Adviser. An L&S College Adviser will run a progress check for your other requirements and if all requirements are complete or in progress, we will write you a letter confirming you will graduate upon successful completion of your coursework in that semester. 

Graduation Deadlines

Click on your EGT Term below to find deadlines for: 

  • Changing your EGT term
  • Submitting an L&S Minor Completion form to your Minor Adviser
  • Completing an Incomplete grade required for graduation
  • Completing transfer coursework required for graduation
  • Submitting transcripts for transfer work required for graduation

Preparing for What's Beyond Graduation

Remember that we have resources on campus to help you prepare for career, graduate school, or professional school! The Career Center (link is external)has many career events to get you connected with perspective employers, can review resumes and help students with application packets for graduate/professional schools, and can help you strategize to make your transition to your next step go as smoothly as possible. 

If you're feeling lost about your options or are having second thoughts about whether you're heading in the right direction, you're not alone! Visit the Career Library(link is external) to do some exploration. 

Remember, your tuition covers both of the career services above, so take advantage while you're still enrolled if you can! If you're already at the end of your undergraduate experience, contact each center individually to see what services for alumni are available.