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FULLY REMOTE SERVICES UNITL JAN 31: In accordance with campus guidelines, L&S Advising will offer fully remote services until January 31, 2022. At this time, we hope to resume the availability of in person appointments. This date is subject to change as we monitor public health guidelines.

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3 Things to Consider Before you Book an Appointment

Before you book...

  1. Can an L&S College Advising Appointment address your question? Let Us Help You Navigate
  2. Is your major an important factor in your question? Find an L&S College Adviser or an Undergraduate Major Adviser in your Advising Neighborhood.
  3. Looking for premed, pre-health, pre-law, or pre-MA/PhD advising? Find our Pre-Professional Graduate Programs advisers. 

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72-hour availabilityIn the appointment system, we open our appointments 72 hours in advance of each time slot. (Ex: on Saturday at 9am, the Tuesday at 9am appointments show up in the system. On Sunday at 2:30pm, the Wednesday at 2:30pm appointments show up in the system). If the system tells you there is no availability for the future, check back. We roll out appointments frequently. 

Format: Please read about virtual and in-person appointments below before you book.