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Virtual appointments only during December 2022
Please be advised that our in-person services will be closed for the month of December. Virtual appointments and our Virtual Front Desk are still open for full services during this time. 

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3 Things to Consider Before you Book an Appointment

Before you book...

  1. Can an L&S College Advising Appointment address your question? Let Us Help You Navigate
  2. Is your major an important factor in your question? Find an L&S College Adviser or an Undergraduate Major Adviser in your Advising Neighborhood.
  3. Looking for premed, pre-health, pre-law, or pre-MA/PhD advising? Find our Pre-Professional Graduate Programs advisers. 

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72-hour availabilityIn the appointment system, we open our appointments 72 hours in advance of each time slot. (Ex: on Saturday at 9am, the Tuesday at 9am appointments show up in the system. On Sunday at 2:30pm, the Wednesday at 2:30pm appointments show up in the system).

If the system tells you there is no availability for the future, check back. We roll out appointments frequently.