If you are looking for information about dropping select classes from your schedule rather than leaving a full Semester or Summer Session, visit either the Enrollment (Add/Drop a Course) page (for drops before the deadline) or Late Change of Class Schedule page (for drops after the deadline). 


Withdrawal means dropping all classes once the semester has started. Withdrawal of a Fall or Spring semester will also cancel any enrollment in future semesters and you will need to apply for readmission in order to attend a future Fall or Spring semester. If you wish to withdraw, review Cal Student Central's withdrawal information to understand how a withdrawal may affect different aspects of your student status, including financial aid, housing, and more. 

It is always encouraged to meet with an L&S College Adviser to discuss your decision to withdraw from a semester, especially if you plan to take coursework elsewhere during your break. 


Withdrawals submitted prior to the first day of instruction for a term will be processed as a cancellation of registration. You will need to apply for readmission in order to attend a future Fall or Spring semester. 


Fall/Spring semesters: Friday of RRR week at 11:59pm PT

Summer Sessions: Last day of the session at 11:59pm PT

Deadlines for the current term are listed on our homepage.  

How to submit a withdrawal or cancellation

Submit a Withdrawal Request by going to your CalCentral’s “My Dashboard” tab and selecting “Add a Withdrawal Request” under “Student Resources”.

  • To submit a withdrawal, select the current term.
  • For a cancellation, select a future term. 

Important Note for Newly Admitted Students: If you submit a withdrawal request prior to the first day of instruction of your first semester, it will result in the cancellation of your admission to UC Berkeley. See the FAQ below for more information. 

Withdrawal FAQs

Newly Admitted Students

If you are a newly admitted freshman or transfer student, submitting a withdrawal request prior to the first day of instruction of your first semester at UC Berkeley will result in a cancellation of your admission. Instead, if you need to postpone your enrollment at Berkeley, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to discuss the possibility of deferral.

Financial Aid Recipients

If you are a financial aid recipient who withdraws, you may be required to pay back financial aid that has been previously processed in the semester. Contact Cal Student Central to discuss the possible impact on financial aid prior to making a decision about withdrawing.

International Students

If you are an international student, contact the Berkeley International Office to discuss how withdrawal affects your student visa status.

Students in Cal Housing

If you are a student living in Cal Housing, contact Housing to discuss how withdrawal affects your housing contract.

Withdrawals on transcripts

The withdrawal date will appear on the administrative transcript and all courses for the semester will be removed. The reason for withdrawal is confidential and does not appear on the official transcript.

If you submit your form before the first day of instruction for the term, your request will be processed as a cancellation. There will be no notation of a cancellation on your transcript.

Tuition refunds

Depending on when you submit a withdrawal, you may or may not have a portion of your tuition refunded. Visit the Office of the Registrar’s Refunds After Withdrawal page for more information. 

It is important to note that some fees are not refundable and if you have Financial Aid, you may have to pay back all or part of your aid package.

Withdrawing after Readmission Deadline

When you submit a withdrawal request in a semester, your enrollments for that semester are dropped along with enrollments for future terms. You must apply for readmission to return for a future semester. You will need to submit your readmission packet by that deadline to be readmitted (November 1st for Spring or June 1st for Fall). Once your readmission is approved, you can enroll in classes for the next semester. See our readmission page for more information. 

If you submit a withdrawal request in Fall semester after November 1st, you will be unable to readmit for Spring semester because the readmission deadline has passed. You will need to readmit for a future term instead. (Because Spring semester ends before the Fall readmission deadline, withdrawing after the readmission deadline is a concern only relevant to Fall semesters.)

You can always meet with an L&S College Adviser to discuss your options if you cannot readmit into the following semester, from taking a break to enrolling at a different institution. (See our Planning Transfer Coursework page for more information.)

Medical Withdrawal

If you are considering pursuing a medical withdrawal, please contact University Health Services (UHS) for assistance. For information regarding medical withdrawals, please visit UHS's webpage on Medical Withdrawals. It is recommended that if you are waiting for approval of a medical withdrawal, you also initiate a personal withdrawal request via CalCentral. This will secure your withdrawal while you go through the medical withdrawal review.  


To return to Cal after a withdrawal or cancellation, you will need to apply for Readmission