Mission and Value Statements

Mission Statement

To provide compassionate support and guidance for students to proactively build upon their academic and personal background, empowering them as they navigate their UC Berkeley experience.

Values Statement

L&S Advising operates under the following 7 core values: Care; Communication; Continuous Learning; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging; Healthy Boundaries; Mutual Accountability & Responsibility; and Strengths-Based Advising


We embrace care as the central component from which all our values stem. Communication 

We commit to maintaining open lines of communication and providing students with accurate information on resources, and L&S policies, rules, and procedures, acknowledging that we live in a constantly changing world. 

Continuous Learning 

We are intentional in the necessity to continuously learn, recognizing needs and knowledge are never stagnant. We reflect on our experiences, adopt best practices from the advising community, gather feedback from our partners, and embrace creative solutions and innovations to respond to rapidly evolving situations while remaining flexible. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging 

We aim to provide students with a sense of belonging and an equitable experience in appreciation of their identities and communities; we acknowledge that representation matters in all its forms.

Healthy Boundaries 

We are transparent in our understanding of our roles and limitations on campus; we initiate and invite collaboration with campus offices and warm handoffs for requests outside our scope whenever possible. We strive to model a healthy work-life balance for students, ourselves, faculty, and colleagues. 

Mutual Accountability & Responsibility 

We strive to create and maintain mutual respect and accountability with our students. We expect for students to hold us accountable in our work to support them and we expect that they, in turn, will act in good faith to honor their commitments and agreements, taking the final responsibility for their progress through UC Berkeley. 

Strengths-Based Advising 

We seek to take a theory-informed, data-driven, and strengths-based approach to advising by integrating staff knowledge with student experience. We honor the whole student by helping them celebrate and (re-)discover their gifts and potential; tap into their own wisdom; self-advocate; and identify past, present, and future communities of support.