Change Colleges Into Letters and Science


If you are an undergraduate in another UC Berkeley college and are interested in changing into the College of Letters and Science (L&S), this page will provide an overview of eligibility criteria, how to apply, and important deadlines. 

If you are hoping to change from L&S to a different college at UC Berkeley, please consult with your intended college. 

Application Periods for Change of College

Fall Semester: 1st day of class through November 1

Spring Semester: 1st day of class through June 1

Late or incomplete petitions will not be accepted or reviewed. 

Change of College FAQ

Eligibility and Application Requirements

See the table below to determine criteria that needs to be met based on class level in order to change colleges into L&S. An X means the criterion is required for your class level. This table is included in the petition packet, which can be found on our Forms & Petitions page. 

Up to 29 Units*

30-59 Units*
60-89 Units*
90 and over*
GPA 2.2 2.5 2.5 2.5
One Semester at Cal Completed X X X X
Change of College Petition X X X X
Personal Statement X X X X
Entry-Level Writing X X X X
Reading & Composition 1st half done or in progress 2nd half done or in progress X X
Signed Major Declaration Petition X X
Signed Program Plan X X

*Deduct units in progress and units earned in high school (including exam units and units earned at other institutions) when determining class level

You may apply for a change of college into L&S a maximum of two times. Do not use an attempt if you are significantly ineligible. Be sure your application is complete and all documents are signed. You may wish to supplement an ineligible application with a Major Declaration or Conditions to Declare form with a program plan signed by your Undergraduate Major Adviser (these forms can be found on our Forms & Petitions page). You may also wish to include progress reports from current instructors or unofficial transfer transcripts. Your petition will be considered if you are able to complete your degree within L&S’s unit ceiling and semester limit

How to Apply

  1. Check the Eligibility and Application Requirements FAQ above. Use the table to understand if you are eligible and what you need in order to apply. This information is also included in the Change of College petition, found on our Forms & Petitions page. 

  2. Complete the Change of College petition and include a personal statement (typed) that outlines your academic plans and your reasons for requesting admission into the College of Letters and Science. 

  3. If you need a signed major declaration petition and signed program plan (per the Eligibility and Application Requirements table), you will need to make an appointment with your intended Undergraduate Major Adviser. You should consult your intended major’s website to review how to meet with a Undergraduate Major Adviser in that department. You can find major declaration, conditions to declare, and program plan forms on our Forms & Petitions page. 

Incomplete or late petitions will not be accepted or reviewed. See the Forms & Petitions page for details on how to submit. No appointments are required.

Dismissed Students

If you have been dismissed by your college and wish to pursue readmission after dismissal into L&S, you will follow L&S’s Readmission after Dismissal procedures. Meet with an L&S College Adviser to help you plan. 


You must complete 18 units of upper division coursework at UC Berkeley while declared as an L&S student to meet residence requirements. You also must meet senior residence (24 units at UC Berkeley after earning 90 units) while declared as an L&S student. You can learn about these residence requirements on our Degree Requirements page. 

If you are uncertain whether you will meet either of these requirements or wish to learn more before submitting a Change of College request, meet with an L&S College Adviser.