Degree Requirements

Letters and Science Degree Requirements

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The College of Letters & Science awards the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. To earn the B.A., you must successfully complete all requirements listed on this page. For help keeping track of your progress, view the Assess Degree Progress page. 

All requirements are designed to ensure that you acquire the background and the breadth you need for further learning, as well as depth of knowledge in your field of interest.

Your degree requirements can be divided into four major categories outlined below:

UC, Campus, College and Major requirements

UC, Campus, College & Major requirements are courses you're required to take. These are sometimes referred to as "subject" requirements. 

Unit Requirements

Unit requirements and restrictions represent the minimum number of units needed in different areas to complete your degree. 

Residence requirements

Residence requirements represent units you must earn while you are a student in the College of Letters & Science at UC Berkeley. 

GPA requirements

GPA requirements represent the minimum GPA you must earn in your UC coursework and in your major. 

University, Campus, and Major Requirements

University of California Requirements

Campus Requirement

Major Requirements

Review major requirements through your major's website and by working with your Undergraduate Major Adviser. You may explore majors through the Academic Guide. For more support finding a major, see the Explore Majors & Minors page. 

College of Letters & Science Requirements

Letters and Science Requirements*

Essential Skills

Seven-Course Breadth

  • Arts & Literature
  • Biological Science
  • Historical Studies
  • International Studies
  • Philosophy & Values
  • Physical Science
  • Social & Behavioral Science

See the Seven-Course Breadth page for more information on all breadth requirements. 

*IGETC Certification and UC Reciprocity satisfies both Essential Skills and Seven-Course Breadth.