High School Exam Scores


Before and during your first semester at UC Berkeley, the campus’s Central Evaluation Unit will perform an initial transfer credit review. All credit-bearing exams (e.g. AP, IB, GCE A-Level), high school transcripts, and transcripts from other colleges that you have submitted as part of your Admissions tasks will be reviewed during this process.

The initial transfer credit review is typically completed by the end of your first semester at UC Berkeley.

Assessing High School Exam Credit


You can get an approximation of how many units you will earn from your exam scores through the UC Admissions website. Ultimately, your Transfer Credit Report, found in the Academics tab of your CalCentral, will detail the units you received for your exam scores. This information will become available during your Initial Transfer Credit Review

General Education Requirements

Exam scores may satisfy:

Qualifying test scores that may satisfy these requirements can be found by clicking on the link for each specific requirement. 

Exam scores cannot satisfy American Cultures or the Seven-Course Breadth requirements.*

*The only exception are a limited number of GCE A Level exams for students admitted Fall 2017 and prior. Please see the Seven-Course Breadth page for more information.

To understand the full scope of graduation requirements, see our Degree Requirements page.

Major Requirements

How exam scores may or may not satisfy major requirements is determined by each major department. Just because one major department accepts a score as satisfying a major requirement does not mean another major department will also accept that score. Instead of asking, “Does my exam score count as Math 1B?” you should instead ask, “How does my exam score apply to the requirements for each major I am exploring?” You can find this information by reviewing the websites of your intended major departments (links to each major department website can be found in the Academic Guide by selecting the major you are exploring). 

Where can find my high school exam credits?

After your Initial Transfer Credit Review, you can find details on your high school exam credits and other transfer credits in the Transfer Credit Report in CalCentral. To find it, log in to CalCentral and navigate to the "My Academics" tab. More information on how to read the Transfer Credit Report can be found on the Student Information Systems website

You can also keep track of how your exam and other credits have satisfied degree requirements using the Academic Progress Report tool in CalCentral once your Initial Transfer Credit Review is completed. See the Assessing Degree Progress page for more information.