UC Berkeley Study Abroad


This page refers to transfer credit from UC Berkeley Study Abroad courses, which includes UCEAP, Berkeley Summer Abroad, and Berkeley Global Internships programs.

Be sure to check out more information about studying abroad, including L&S requirements for study abroad and information about participation independent study abroad programs, on the Study Abroad page

Assessing UC Berkeley Study Abroad Credit

Some basics on this type of credit:

  • Will transfer for unit credit
  • Grades earned through these programs will be calculated into your UC GPA
  • The Berkeley Study Abroad website has detailed information about how coursework will or will not show on the official UC Berkeley transcript, depending on the program you attend.

Seven-Course Breadth

Courses taken through these programs may be evaluated for Seven-Course Breadth. The Berkeley Study Abroad website provides helpful resources, including: 

  • a database of pre-approved breadth courses for various programs
  • guidelines on how to choose courses for breadth evaluation
  • instructions on how to have courses evaluated for breadth requirements 

International Studies breadth requirement: You may fulfill the International Studies breadth requirement by full in-person* participation in a UCEAP, Berkeley Global Edge, Berkeley Summer Abroad, or Berkeley Global Internships program. All of the required courses for your program must be completed with a C-/P or higher in order to satisfy the L&S International Studies breadth requirement.

*Please see the 'International studies breadth requirement' link on the Berkeley Study Abroad college advising page for more information about in-person vs. online/virtual programs.

The process for submitting syllabi for review for breadth requirements is different for UC Berkeley Study Abroad courses than it is for other coursework. Please follow the instructions on the Berkeley Study Abroad website, and not to L&S.

After Program Completion

Coursework from UCEAP, Berkeley Summer Abroad, and Berkeley Global Internships programs will be transferred automatically. The length of time this may take depends on the country you studied in and the type of study abroad program. 

If you plan to study abroad in your final semester, you should discuss this with the Berkeley Study Abroad office. If your transcripts will be significantly delayed, you may have to be moved to a future semester's degree list. This does not mean you have to return to UC Berkeley and an L&S College Adviser may be able to write you a letter confirming completion of requirements, but it does mean your official degree finalization will be pushed back. Learn more about these and related issues on our Graduation page.