California Community College

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     -  an incoming/new UC Berkeley student
     -  a graduating senior
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California Community College coursework is the most common type of transfer coursework students pursue after being admitted to UC Berkeley. This is because articulation agreements allow you to be sure you are choosing courses that will transfer to satisfy particular requirements. Some basics on this type of transfer credit:

  • Will only transfer as lower division units and cannot satisfy upper division unit requirements (even if accepted to satisfy an upper division major requirement)
  • Grades will not factor into your UC Berkeley GPA 
  • Has potential to satisfy several requirements (see FAQ below)

Taking Coursework at a CA Community College 

Step-by-step guide: Find courses on

You can review this Video Tutorial or follow the steps below. 

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  1. Go to
  2. Choose the CA Community College you are interested in. If you are only looking for unit credit, use the "Search below for transferable courses" box and select "UC Transferable Courses" from the available options (note that quarter units will be converted to semester units upon transfer). If you are looking to apply courses to general education or major requirements, select UC Berkeley from the two drop down menus. Click "View Agreements." 
  3. You are now able to choose one of three agreements: Major, Department, or General Education/Breadth. If the agreement you want is not available, you can change the Academic Year on the left hand side of the page to find the most recent agreement.
    (Note: You should not use the Department agreement to find courses that you wish to count for your major or for your general education requirements. This agreement should only be used to find equivalents to coursework that you do not intend to count for either of these areas.)
  4. Once you have pulled up the agreement, you should find which courses at the CA Community College you have selected have been preapproved to apply for the requirements you are considering. If you see anything that raises questions, such as agreements that say X & Y & Z are the same as A & B, you should consult with an L&S College Adviser. Do not assume you can split up courses that are connected in ASSIST by "&" signs.

* is the official website that maintains the articulation agreements for transfer credit between California Community Colleges, University of California campuses, and California State University campuses.

After completion of the course

  1. Contact your CA community college to request your transcript be submitted to UC Berkeley. See the Central Evaluation Unit’s website for Submitting Transcripts.
  2. Your credit will be reviewed based on the agreement for the year in which you took the course and will be assessed for units, major, and general education requirements. If you took your course after the 2016-2017 school year and no more recent agreement is available, L&S will use the 2016-2017 agreement. 
  3. Review of your transcripts may take 2-4 weeks after UC Berkeley receives your transcripts and will appear in your Transfer Credit Report once reviewed. After this time, if your credit is not in your Transfer Credit Report and you would like to check the status, open a case with Cal Student Central. 


Online courses

ASSIST does not indicate which courses may be offered online. It is fine to take an online version of a course as long as the department name and number will appear on the official transcript exactly as it is listed in the ASSIST agreement. 

Which requirements can CA Community College credit be applied towards?

  • American History
  • American Institution
  • American Cultures
  • Essential Skills*
    *If you have already started at UC Berkeley, Entry Level Writing must be completed before Reading and Composition can be taken at another institution.
  • Seven-Course Breadth
  • Major/Minor requirements (see major/minor department for approval)
  • Total unit requirement (120 unit minimum)
  • See Degree Requirements page for more information on the above requirements

General Education/Breadth

If’s “Department” agreement says a course at a community college is equivalent to a course at UC Berkeley, this does not necessarily mean the course will apply to the same general education requirements as the UC Berkeley course. To satisfy a general education requirement, the course must be listed under the corresponding requirement in the “General Education/Breadth” agreement on 

Major prerequisites

Check with your intended major department before taking prerequisites at another institution. 

Unit credit

Community college courses will only transfer as lower division unit credit. No more than 70 units of lower division transfer coursework (not including UC coursework) may be applied toward the 120 unit minimum required for graduation. This includes work from other higher education institutions, such as CA Community Colleges.