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Courses taken through UC Berkeley Extension's Concurrent Enrollment program (with prefixes “XB” and “XBW”) are actual UC Berkeley courses or are Extension courses that are equivalent to UC Berkeley courses and have the same content, title, number, and unit value as their UC Berkeley equivalent.

X300-499 or 800-899 are not transferable to your undergraduate degree. 

Taking Coursework at UC Berkeley Extension

Basics about transfer credit from UC Berkeley Extension

  • Can satisfy: Courses taken through UC Berkeley Extension's Concurrent Enrollment program (with prefixes “XB” and “XBW”) will transfer for units, will apply to your UC Berkeley GPA, and will satisfy the same requirements for general education as the regular version of the course.
  • "X" prefix courses numbered 1-299 can transfer for units and be petitioned for breadth (see "Other Higher Ed Institution" for process), but will not apply to your UC Berkeley GPA
  • Residence requirements: Extension courses do not count for any residence requirements, including upper division in residence, senior residence, or major residence.
  • Enrollment priority: UC Berkeley Extension Concurrent Enrollment students get last priority to enroll in UC Berkeley classes, so this is not an ideal choice for getting a seat in impacted courses. Talk with the department that offers the course to discuss your chances of getting into a course if you enroll this way.
  • Transcript: With the exception of Fall Program for Freshmen courses, UC Berkeley Extension course details will not appear on your UC Berkeley transcript. Instead, the unit total you received will show up under the transfer credit section of your transcript.
  • If you are in a dismissed status, you must obtain an Assistant Dean’s approval prior to enrolling in XB or XBW courses in order for these courses to apply to the UC Berkeley GPA once readmitted and for these courses to apply to the required standard terms for readmission after dismissal.

Before enrolling

It is always wise to discuss your plan with the department that hosts the course you are interested in to fully understand your changes of getting a seat in a course through the UC Berkeley Extension's Concurrent Enrollment program. 

It is not typical to take UC Berkeley Extension Concurrent Enrollment courses while also enrolled in a regular semester at UC Berkeley. This is because your tuition already covers UC Berkeley courses and you have better enrollment priority in accessing courses through regular enrollment. 

If you are considering enrolling in a UC Berkeley Extension course that you hope will apply to your undergraduate degree while also enrolled in a regular Fall/Spring semester at UC Berkeley or if you are taking UC Berkeley Extension courses in your Expected Graduation Term, make sure to review the red alert box at the top of the page. 

After completion of courses

If you enrolled through UC Berkeley Extension through their Concurrent Enrollment program and were not in a dismissed status, UC Berkeley Extension should automatically send your transcript to the main UC Berkeley Central Evaluation Unit for posting. Like with all transfer work, this may still take some time to show up in your Academic Progress Report (APR). If 6-8 weeks have passed and you do not see your transfer credit in your APR, open a case with Cal Student Central. 

If you took UC Berkeley Extension while in a dismissed status or did not enroll through the Concurrent Enrollment program, reach out to UC Berkeley Extension to discuss having your transcript sent to UC Berkeley.

If you were admitted to UC Berkeley prior to Fall 2016, you may have to open a case with Cal Student Central in order for your transfer work to be input into your UC Berkeley record. 



If you repeat a course through regular enrollment that you originally took through UC Berkeley Extension (common with the Fall Program for Freshmen) or if you repeat a course through UC Berkeley Extension that you originally took through regular enrollment, the system can have a hard time catching this. If you are unsure if your repeat GPA adjustment has been made, open a case with Cal Student Central. 

Continuous Enrollment/Start Anytime courses

Extension offers some courses that allow students to enroll anytime. These are called continuous enrollment courses. You should be aware of potential challenges these classes can present if taken during your Expected Graduation Term (EGT). 

For each EGT, there is a deadline by which any transfer coursework must be completed. The transfer coursework also must have a published last day of the term that meets this deadline. See our Preparing for Graduation page for more about these deadlines. 

Because there is no set term for continuous enrollment courses, Extension transcripts often list an end date that does not reflect when you completed the course, but may instead reflect when the instructor finalized the grade. If the course is needed for you to graduate, this can result in you needing to move your EGT to a future term.

We recommend you work with your instructor and the Extension registrar to ensure that your Extension transcript accurately reflects the date you completed your coursework. 

Other UC Extension

The information on this page only applies to UC Berkeley Extension. Many other UCs have similar programs, but grades from another UC's Extension program will not factor into your UC GPA. Other UC Extension is complicated and does not fall neatly into typical transfer credit categories. If you are considering taking courses through another UC's Extension program, meet with an L&S College Adviser to discuss this plan.

Cost and Financial Aid

The cost for UC Berkeley Extension is per unit rather than paid for by tuition. Financial aid does not typically cover UC Berkeley Extension. If you have questions about your own aid packet, please contact the Financial Aid office.