Transfer Credit

IMPORTANT: If you are 
     -  an incoming/new UC Berkeley student
     -  a graduating senior
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This page will cover how to understand, assess, and get credit for transfer work. 

For FAQs related to the processing of transfer credit and transfer coursework showing on your APR, review Cal Student Central's Transfer Credit: Course Evaluation page

Please note that there is no guarantee that any particular degree requirement can be satisfied at another institution. 

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Transfer Credit FAQ

Entry Level Writing and Reading and Composition requirements

If you have already started at UC Berkeley, you must satisfy Entry Level Writing at UC Berkeley. You can do this through the Analytical Writing Placement Exam or through ColWrit R1A. ColWrit R1A is a 6 unit course offered on campus that fulfills both Entry Level Writing and Reading and Composition Part A. 

You can only take Reading and Composition (R&C) courses at another school after you have satisfied Entry Level Writing. These courses must be taken sequentially (ex: you cannot take R&C Part A and B at the same time or take part B before Part A) or you will not receive credit.

Credit restrictions

You will not receive credit for a transfer course if you already completed a comparable UC Berkeley course with a passing grade (P or D- or higher).  

Additionally, if you take transfer courses that are judged to be equivalent, you will only receive unit credit for the first course taken.

If UC Berkeley has a credit restriction in moving from a higher level to a lower level (ex: no credit for Stat 2 after taking Stat 20), you should expect the same credit restriction to apply to transfer coursework. 

Residence requirements

Transfer credit does not satisfy residence requirements, including senior residence, upper division units in residence, and major residence.

Transfer unit cap and subject credit

No more than 70 units of lower division transfer coursework (not including UC coursework) may be applied toward the 120 unit minimum required for graduation. This includes work from other higher education institutions. This limit does not apply to exam units. 

Even if you cannot earn additional units from lower division transfer classes, it is still possible to fulfill major or general education requirements with lower division transfer classes. For example, if you already have 70 lower division transfer units, you may still be able to take a CA Community College course to satisfy your International Studies Breadth, even if you would not receive additional units.

If you were admitted to UC Berkeley prior to Fall 2014, consult with an L&S College Adviser as you may fall under different guidelines for credit restrictions. 

Not currently enrolled

Students who are not currently enrolled will not have their transfer work posted until readmitted or are reviewed for graduation.

PreMed/Pre-Health Students

Depending on the pre-health profession you are interested in, taking prerequisites for health professions schools at another institution after starting at UC Berkeley may negatively impact your application. It is highly recommended that you meet with a Pre-Med/Pre-Health Adviser to assess whether taking transfer coursework is a good choice for your goals. Generally, the UC Berkeley Pre-Health Advisers recommend that you take the vast majority of your pre-health required courses at UC Berkeley, unless you are a transfer student.