Concurrent Enrollment

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment is when students plan to enroll in a course(s) at another institution while they are also enrolled in a regular (Fall or Spring) semester at UC Berkeley. 

L&S undergraduate students can pursue Concurrent Enrollment without requesting approval from L&S Advising. In other words, no petition is required. Official transcripts will need to be submitted to UC Berkeley upon completion of the coursework. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an adviser to discuss whether pursuing concurrent enrollment is a good option. 

Degree and Enrollment Requirements

Concurrent enrollment units do not count towards minimum enrollment at Berkeley. In other words, you still need to register for a minimum of 13 units at Berkeley unless you are otherwise approved for a reduced course load

It is the student's responsibility to confirm that the coursework they are taking is transferable and applies to a particular degree requirement. See the Transfer Credit page for more information about transferable coursework, including:

  • How to choose transferable coursework

  • Whether transfer credit from a particular institution will earn grade points toward your UC Berkeley GPA

  • How to submit transcripts. 

Students are encouraged to speak with a College Adviser if they have questions about satisfying college requirements.

Special permissions or applications

Permission or application approval might be required in particular circumstances:

Concurrent Enrollment FAQ

Enrolling Elsewhere While Not Enrolled at UC Berkeley

If you are not enrolled in UC Berkeley while taking courses elsewhere (e.g. taking courses at a community college while on a break from Cal or another four-year institution), it is important that you read about Transfer Credit to make sure you understand whether your coursework will transfer and how taking coursework at another school may or may not impact your limits on your time at Cal. You may wish to review your plans to enroll in courses at another institution with an L&S College Adviser or Undergraduate Major Adviser as applicable.

If you have been dismissed, you should make an appointment with an L&S College adviser before enrolling in coursework elsewhere to discuss your plan for readmission. 

Transfer Courses during EGT

If you are planning to apply an approved transfer course to your Berkeley degree, you must meet the graduation deadlines for transfer credit. Otherwise, you should request to move your EGT (Expected Graduation Term) to a future term. See our Preparing for Graduation page to find more information and deadlines for your EGT term.