Concurrent Enrollment


Concurrent Enrollment is when students plan to enroll in a course(s) at another institution while they are also enrolled in a regular (Fall or Spring) semester at UC Berkeley. 

Students must have approval from L&S Advising for Concurrent Enrollment in order to receive credit for the course(s) that will be transferred from another school. If Concurrent Enrollment is approved, the transfer credit will be applied to a student's undergraduate degree. If a student does not receive Concurrent Enrollment approval, the transfer credit will not be applied to their undergraduate degree. Students must apply for Concurrent Enrollment approval each semester they plan to take courses at another institution while enrolled in a regular semester at UC Berkeley.

It is the student's responsibility to confirm that the coursework they are taking is transferable and applies to a particular degree requirement. See the Transfer Coursework page for more information about transferable coursework.

Concurrent Enrollment FAQ


To enroll concurrently at another institution, you must meet the following criteria:

  • For Fall 2020 requests, you must submit the online form prior to enrolling in a course at another institution. For Spring 2021 requests, you must submit the online form by the Friday of the 5th week of instruction by 11:59 p.m. PST.
  • You will be enrolled full time at Berkeley, a minimum of 13 units (unless approved for a reduced course load) during your concurrent enrollment semester.
  • You are not on Academic Probation (including Continued on Probation) status during the Concurrent Enrollment term. 
  • You are not a freshman in your first fall or spring semester at UC Berkeley.
  • You have reviewed the L&S Advising web page on Transfer Coursework. 
  • If you are a graduating senior, you must review your Academic Progress Report

If you do not meet all the above conditions, you might still be allowed to concurrently enroll. You will need to attach a written appeal to your form explaining why you do not meet the conditions and what hardship you would experience if your request is not approved.

Late/Retroactive Concurrent Enrollment (requests made after enrolling)

The College of Letters and Science requires that Concurrent Enrollment forms be submitted prior to enrolling in a course at another institution for Fall 2020 requests, or by the Friday of the 5th week of instruction for Spring 2021 requests.

Late concurrent enrollment requests (requests submitted after the deadline but before the end of RRR week) require exceptional circumstances and will be reviewed by the dean.. 

Retroactive concurrent enrollment requests (requests for concurrent enrollment after the UC Berkeley semester in which the transfer course overlaps has ended) will not be approved.

How Do I Apply?

Submit the online Concurrent Enrollment form. If you haven't met any of the criteria listed on the form, you will need to attach a written statement addressing why you believe you should be permitted to concurrently enroll at another institution. If you need guidance, contact L&S College Advising.

Summer Semesters or Winter Intersessions

If you are taking a course during a summer session or during a winter intersession, you do not need to apply for concurrent enrollment unless more than 1 week of the course overlaps with a Spring or Fall semester at UC Berkeley. It is okay to take summer classes both at UC Berkeley and at another school during summer sessions without concurrent enrollment approval.

Enrolling Elsewhere While Not Enrolled at UC Berkeley

If you are not enrolled in UC Berkeley while taking courses elsewhere (e.g. taking courses at a community college while on a break from Cal or another four-year institution), you do not need to request approval for concurrent enrollment*. However, it is valuable to read through the transfer coursework page to make sure you understand whether your coursework will transfer and how taking coursework at another school may or may not impact your limits on your time at Cal.

*Note: Students that have been dismissed from the College of Letters & Science should review their plans to enroll in courses at another institution with an L&S College Adviser.