If you have been dismissed by the College, there is a separate readmission process. Review the Readmission After Dismissal page. 

If you do not plan to readmit into UC Berkeley, but wish to add to the degree list, see the "Not enrolled in UC Berkeley during EGT term - Extra steps" FAQ on our Preparing for Graduation page. 


If you have taken time away from the University and plan to resume your studies in a Fall or Spring semester, you will need to apply for readmission by the appropriate deadline in order to be granted access to enroll in courses and login access to your CalCentral.

To enroll in Summer Sessions, readmission is not necessary, but it is valuable to read the FAQ below for more information. 


Application packets must be received by:

  • June 1 for Fall semester readmission (*Priority Deadline: March 15th)
  • November 1 for Spring semester readmission (*Priority Deadline: September 15th)

In order to be on time for your Phase I registration appointment, it is strongly recommended to submit your completed request by the priority deadlines. Completed requests will still be accepted after the priority deadlines, but are not guaranteed to result in a Phase I registration appointment. 

Before Applying for Readmission

1. Clear all registration holds by the readmission deadline

This includes financial, medical, library, and academic holds. To find out whether you have any holds, check your CalCentral record or contact Cal Student Central.All holds must be cleared in order for Readmission to be processed.

If you are seeking readmission after a Medical Withdrawal through University Health Services (UHS) - The Tang Center please review the "Medical Withdrawal Hold" section below. 

Reading & Composition (R&C) holds:

Students who have not fulfilled their Reading and Composition requirement by the end of their fourth term may have had a Reading & Composition registration hold and must get the hold cleared in order to be eligible for readmission.  

To remove your registration hold, you will need to meet with an L&S College Adviser to discuss your plan for completing the requirement or show proof of completion of the requirements. 

  • Please be aware that many departments reserve seats in R&C courses for freshman and sophomore students. If you are in your 5th semester or later, you will not be given priority to enroll in R&C courses and may need to explore alternate options to complete this requirement.
  • If you have completed this requirement at another institution, please provide a copy of your transcript or proof of enrollment in the course during your meeting with an L&S College Adviser. 

2. Meet with an L&S College Adviser (if applicable).

You are required to meet with an L&S College Adviser to discuss readmission if:

  • You left UC Berkeley while on academic probation.

  • You have withdrawn from a Fall or Spring semester three or more times.

  • You have 12 or more units of outstanding incomplete grades on your transcript.

  • You have been dismissed from the University. If you were dismissed, please read our Dismissal page in full before booking an appointment.

  • You have not attended UC Berkeley within the last 5 years.

    • See FAQ section below if you’ve been away for more than 10 years for additional details.

3. Consult with the Financial Aid and Scholarships office (if applicable). 

If you intend to receive Financial Aid, contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships office before starting the readmission process. 

The Readmission Application

After making sure you are prepared for Readmission (see above), you can apply by submitting the application packet. The application packet requires two things:

1. The Undergraduate Application for Readmission

Please find our Undergraduate Application for Readmission form on our Forms and Petitions page. 

It is not necessary to obtain the Dean's signature or the adviser initials for "Approval of Expected Grad Term" prior to submitting the application for readmission. The Dean's signature and the adviser initials are obtained on your behalf after the College reviews and approves your application.

Submit this form to (If you have been dismissed, follow instructions on the Readmission After Dismissal page).

2. $70 application fee or an EOP fee waiver

You have two options for submitting this fee: online or by mail-in check or money order. You can select your preferred option in the Undergraduate Application for Readmission.

  • If you choose to pay online, instructions will be sent to you upon receipt of your application.
  • If you choose to mail in a check or money order (made out to UC Regents), please mail it along with a copy of the Undergraduate Application for Readmission to:

    UC Berkeley Office of the Registrar

    Attn: Readmission

    123 Sproul Hall #5404

    Berkeley, CA 94720-5404

  • Note: In order to complete the readmission application process, students must submit the PDF application to the College of Letters and Science. If payment and application are mailed directly to the Office of the Registrar, be sure to also get the application form to for review.
  • EOP students only: The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) offers a complete fee waiver for the $70 readmission application fee for eligible students (not all EOP students are eligible). To request a fee waiver, visit the EOP Readmission webpage and fill out the request google form. If you have this waiver, please email it to along with your Application for Readmission. (If you have been dismissed, follow instructions on the Readmission After Dismissal page). Unsure if you are part of EOP? Students who meet any of the following criteria are EOP: low income, first generation, or historically underrepresented. Find more information about this criteria on the EOP Students webpage. 

Upon readmission, you will be required to submit an online Statement of Legal Residence through; look for the Statement of Legal Residence item on your CalCentral task list after the Office of the Registrar processes your readmission. 


Transfer Coursework While Away

If you attended other institutions during your absence, send your official transcript from each college to UC Berkeley. If the school where you completed your courses offers electronic transcripts, please choose that option. Electronic transcripts are faster, cheaper, and more reliable than paper transcripts. You can find more information on submitting transcripts on Admissions' Submitting Transcripts to UC Berkeley page.

Medical Withdrawal Hold

Please work with University Health Services in order to release your Medical Withdrawal Hold. The Withdrawal Committee will review medical documentation and any other available information to determine your readiness to return. You still need to submit a readmission application and $70 check or money order to the College by the appropriate deadline.  Please keep in mind that getting a medical clearance can be a lengthy process which can delay the approval of your readmission application by the College. It is recommended to start the process for a Medical Health Clearance early once your health has stabilized and you feel ready to return. The process of approval of a Medical Health Clearance for Readmission can take 30 days or more.

Cancelling your readmission term

If your application for readmission has been approved but you decide to take additional time away from the University, you will need to cancel your registration (see information on Withdrawal). When you are ready to return you will need to apply for readmission again, which includes paying the $70 fee.

Limits on Time Away

You can take as much time away from the University as they need. Sometimes students wish to explore other opportunities, have family responsibilities, or must complete compulsory military service in their home country. As long as you have not earned a bachelor’s degree at another institution, are in good academic standing, have not exceeded your semester and unit ceiling limits, and do not have any restrictions on your readmission that you must satisfy before returning, you can return to UC Berkeley. If you have taken time away, you should reach out to your (intended) major department and College to inquire about any changes in major or College requirements.

Summer Sessions

Applying for readmission is not required to attend UC Berkeley Summer Session as readmission only applies to Fall or Spring semesters. You can enroll in UC Berkeley Summer Sessions without readmitting by following the instructions for visiting students. However, it's important to note that if you register in Summer Session as a visiting student, you will pay visiting student fees, which are more expensive than continuing student fees. You are eligible to be considered "continuing" if you have been readmitted into Fall semester prior to the start of their Summer Session. Your status as continuing or visiting may also impact financial aid.

For more information about whether you will be categorized as a visiting or continuing student, contact UC Berkeley Summer Sessions

Last enrolled 10+ years ago

Due to UC Berkeley’s record retention policy, students who have been inactive for more than 10 years may be required to re-submit transcripts from other institutions they’ve attended, including high school transcripts. This refers to transfer work completed prior to your initial admission to UC Berkeley or completed while you were enrolled at UCB. Upon scheduling an advising appointment, please email your adviser to verify if you need to re-submit any transcripts. Re-submitting transcripts is not required to move forward with the readmission process.