Pre-Professional Graduate Programs: Advising and Events

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What is Pre-Professional Graduate Programs Advising?

L&S Advising provides advising for undergraduates pursuing: 

  • Medical or health professions programs
  • Law School
  • Masters or PhD programs

We can help with:

  • Exploring and evaluating interests in graduate and professional school programs
  • Carefully considering undergraduate course choices to prepare for graduate and professional school programs
  • Identifying campus resources that provide opportunities and support in preparing for graduate and professional school programs and admissions
  • Providing advice about contacting professors for mentorship, advice, research opportunities, and letters of recommendation 
  • Processing decision-making for selecting graduate program areas and specific school choices

L&S Pre-Professional Graduate Programs Advising is an advising support resource that complements others available on campus, such as the Career Center, the Career Counseling Library, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships, the L&S Mentors Program, the Graduate Diversity Program, and the Graduate Assembly, amongst many other campus resources, along with individual professors and current graduate students. 

Meet with a Pre-Professional Graduate Programs Adviser

  • Premedical advising: Brenaia Blue or Greg Cera
  • Pre-health careers advising: Brenaia Blue or Greg Cera
  • Pre-masters/PhD advising: Anthea Yugawa or an L&S Mentor
  • Pre-law advising: Greg Cera

Schedule an appointment with the lead adviser for the pre-professional graduate program area in which you’re interested when they have appointment availability. Otherwise, you are free to make an appointment with any of the L&S Pre-Professional Advisers who can provide you with general information and appropriate referrals about your graduate programs of interest.

Weekly Small Group Advising Sessions

Every Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. PT

Join on Zoom at:

An L&S Pre-Professional Graduate Programs Adviser is available to answer your questions about premedical and pre-health careers programs, pre-law, and pre-masters/PhD preparation. Drop by for a quick question, or stay for the whole hour. Come and go as you please. 

Available: Summer, Fall, Spring

Spring 2023 Events

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