Major Advisers vs. College Advisers: does it matter who you meet with?

October 10, 2022

Arrow signs pointing different directions saying "College Advising?" and "Major Advising?"Did you know L&S College Advisers and Undergraduate Major Advisers answer different types of questions? Knowing which adviser can best help you can save you valuable time and energy, especially during peak times. 

L&S College Advisers can help you with:

  • Satisfying your non-major degree requirements
  • Choosing a major or minor
  • Exploring transfer coursework options for non-major requirements
  • Clarifying academic options if you are struggling with a class or multiple classes
  • Incorporating college requirements and enrichment opportunities to a 4-year plan
  • Connecting with campus resources for support

Summed up: L&S Advisers' expertise is in answering non-major-specific academic questions. While L&S Advisers can help you navigate major options, where to find information about majors, and high-level major planning, we will refer to Major Advising for more in-depth advising on these topics. 

Undergraduate Major Advisers can help you with:

  • Planning major prerequisites and upper division requirements
  • Declaring or applying to the major and likelihood of admission
  • Exploring transfer work options for major requirements
  • Discussing how struggling in a major course may impact major progress
  • Developing your major program plan and discussing whether a major is feasible with your remaining time
  • Learning about research and other departmental opportunities

Summed up: Major Advisers specialize with in-depth major questions. While Major Advisers often have an awareness of non-major degree requirements and policies, they will refer to L&S Advising for more in-depth advising on these topics. 

Does it matter who you meet with?

Because there is some overlap in what L&S College and Undergraduate Major advisers can cover with you, especially for students in their freshman or sophomore years, the lines can get blurred. Often, students used to working with one might forget about the other as a resource. 

But knowing what each adviser specializes in can not only help you make sure your questions are being answered with the depth and expertise you're looking for, it can save you the effort of making an appointment, only to get referred to the other resource. 

If you're still not sure which type of adviser is the best resource for your question, the L&S Advising Virtual Front Desk can help direct your question. 

Getting support

Ready to get support? Check out our Appointments and Advice page for information on both L&S College Advising services and information on how to meet with a major adviser.