Cal in the Capital: a public service internship program

July 25, 2022

Group of smiling students holding rakes in front of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.S.

Cal in the Capital (CITC) is a summer internship program in Washington, DC. Often, students aren't sure about the differences between this program and UCDC. So we asked the 2022-2023 Student Directors of Cal in the Capital, Paige Barrella, Kalysta Garland, Mishti Das, and Olivia Doiron, some of  your most common questions about the program!

What is Cal in the Capital?

Cal in the Capital is a public service-oriented internship program in Washington, DC. If you are accepted into CITC, you'll participate in a Spring DeCal focused on public service values and experiences, internship application preparation and support, and professional development. After you complete the DeCal, you'll spend their summer interning in Washington, DC. 

What are the differences between CITC and UCDC?

CITC is only offered during the summer, while UCDC is offered during the fall and spring semesters. CITC is also only open to Berkeley students, while UCDC is for students at all of the UCs. CITC students will not be enrolled in any classes while in DC and will only be focused on their internships. UCDC students intern and take classes while in DC.

Who should consider applying?

Everyone! CITC focuses  on public service, but there are many ways to work that into an internship experience. Students majoring in biology could work for the CDC or the National Academy of Sciences. Students interested in computer science could work in IT for any number of nonprofits, NGOs, or government agencies. Students interested in art and design could work for the Smithsonian. There are also many opportunities to work in Congressional offices, the nonprofit sphere, think tanks, news and media organizations, and advocacy. 

What is something you wish students knew about CITC?

We do our best to provide housing scholarships to those with financial need. If you are concerned about finances, we still highly encourage you to apply. We will work with you to find ways to help cover the cost of participation. We also want students from all disciplines to apply, because we want to encourage everyone to get involved in public service.

Is there anything else you want to add?

We start our recruitment process in the Fall! Check out our website and our Instagram for updates.

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