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What's the deal with DeCals?

August 3, 2022

Group of students swing dancing in front of the student book storeHave you heard the term "DeCal" but feel fuzzy on what they actually are? Today, we'll cover these fantastic add-ons to your semester schedule.

What are DeCals?

DeCal stands for "Democratic Education at Cal" and refers to student-run courses at UC Berkeley. Students create and run their own courses on a huge array of subjects, from the broadly...

How to "fit everything in" as a transfer student

January 24, 2022

Line of tables with students and signs advertising student organizationsBeing a transfer student means trying to get the most out of UC Berkeley in a shorter period of time, but you might be surprised how much you can fit in!

L&S College Adviser and liaison to the Transfer Student Center, Torey Bookstein had some advice for transfers who want to do it all.

Prioritize and Plan


What to do with your summer as an L&S student

March 13, 2023

Three students on Memorial Glade, reading and playing guitarWhen it comes to mapping out your time at Cal, those summers offer a lot of possibility! We're here to offer some ideas on what you might do with your summers.

Also, keep an eye out for the annual Summer Opportunities Fair to further explore these opportunities!


Career Library vs. Berkeley Career Engagement: What's the difference?

December 29, 2021

Image of a group of students talking with a Career Center staff memberDid you know there are not one but two career service centers on campus? Here's the run down on where to go and when:

Career Library

The Career Library is an exploration-focused resource. Here, you can take assessment tests, do...

Cal in the Capital: a public service internship program

July 25, 2022

Group of smiling students holding rakes in front of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.S.

Cal in the Capital (CITC) is a summer internship program in Washington, DC. Often, students aren't sure about the differences between this program and UCDC. So we asked the 2022-2023 Student Directors of Cal in the...

The UCDC Internship Program answers student questions

April 4, 2022

Group of students holding a University of California Berkeley banner in front of the White HouseUCDC (also known as the UC Washington program) is an internship program that allows you to work, live with other UC students, and earn academic credit while living in Washington, DC for a term. Mary Crabb, Program Manager for UCDC for UC Berkeley students offered to help by answering some of our...

What is modified senior residence for study abroad/UCDC?

October 3, 2022

Suitcases next to text "Studying abroad or through UCDC as a senior?"Planning to study abroad or participate in the UCDC Internship program after turning into a senior? If so, there's a degree requirement students sometimes forget about that you'll want to understand: Senior Residence.

This article breaks down senior residence,...