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How to "fit everything in" as a transfer student

January 24, 2022

Line of tables with students and signs advertising student organizationsBeing a transfer student means trying to get the most out of UC Berkeley in a shorter period of time, but you might be surprised how much you can fit in!

L&S College Adviser and liaison to the Transfer Student Center, Torey Bookstein had some advice for transfers who want to do it all.

Prioritize and Plan


What's the deal with DeCals?

August 3, 2022

Group of students swing dancing in front of the student book storeHave you heard the term "DeCal" but feel fuzzy on what they actually are? Today, we'll cover these fantastic add-ons to your semester schedule.

What are DeCals?

DeCal stands for "Democratic Education at Cal" and refers to student-run courses at UC Berkeley. Students create and run their own courses on a huge array of subjects, from the broadly...

Sophomore Success: Resources for your second year

May 31, 2022

Student biking on sidewalk on campus into the distanceIf you entered Cal as a first-year student, you may may remember a flurry of support for your transition. Everything was new, overwhelming, and exciting!

By your second year, campus feels more familiar and new questions start to come up. You might be making decisions about major or still trying to find your stride in the classroom. Maybe you're...

What to do with your summer as an L&S student

March 7, 2022

Three students on Memorial Glade, reading and playing guitarWhen it comes to mapping out your time at Cal, those summers offer a lot of possibility! We're here to offer some ideas on what you might do with your summers.

Also, keep an eye out for the annual Summer Opportunities Fair to further explore these opportunities!


Imposter Syndrome at UC Berkeley: What is it and what can you do?

April 18, 2022

Group of people in a line holding each other upAs an L&S Mentor, Eliotte Garling talks with many undergrads about their experiences at Cal, both the good parts and the tough parts. Many experience feelings or thoughts related to a common phenomenon called "imposter syndrome," so having conversations on this topic has become a significant part of Eliotte's mentorship....

Tackling your Incomplete grades in 4 steps

March 21, 2022

 Mentoring Sequence, Tackling IncompletesFeeling unsure how to manage completing your incomplete(s), especially on top of your current course-load? We talked with Lesdi C. Goussen Robleto, L&S Mentor, one of the mentors with Tackling Incompletes. Lesdi offered four steps you can take...

Tutoring Resources for Specific Classes

December 8, 2021

Tutor leading a small-group discussionWhile resources like the L&S Mentors Program and the SLC's Strategic Learning Program can support you with overall study skills and strategies, you may be looking for directed support. While campus tutoring isn't available for all L&S...

Icebreakers for Office Hours

February 7, 2022

Smiling female college student smiles as she shakes hands with a female professor.It is common to feel nervous about using office hours, either for support in a course or when you're trying to get to know faculty or GSIs. Today, we're sharing tips and suggestions for how to get your conversation started!

Tips If you introduce yourself by email, don't be discouraged if you don't hear back or if the response...

4 steps to study plan like a pro

January 3, 2022

Student sitting on chair in library, looking over a bookCould your study planning use an upgrade? If you often zone out in front of your text books or procrastinate homework you really have to get done, examining how you approach your study time could be a huge help.

L&S Mentor Patrícia de Nobrega Gomes, PhD student and GSI, frequently mentors L&S undergrads on their study...

3 tips to improve your reading comprehension

December 22, 2021

Student making notes in margins of textbookDo you ever feel like you spend a lot of time with your text books, but aren't sure what you're taking away?

L&S Mentor Patrícia de Nobrega Gomes, PhD student and GSI, mentors L&S undergrads through this challenge often. Patrícia offers her strategies for getting more out of your study time.

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