Tutoring Resources for Specific Classes

December 8, 2021

Tutor leading a small-group discussionWhile resources like SLC's Strategic Learning Program can support you with overall study skills and strategies, you may be looking for directed support. While campus tutoring isn't available for all L&S classes, there may be more opportunities than you know. This article highlights tutoring resources on campus for specific courses. 

Student Learning Center (SLC)

Of course we're starting with the SLC! This is the main hub on campus for tutoring, whether in the form of a one-unit adjunct course (for Math courses), drop-in tutoring, exam reviews, study groups, and more. Here are some of the courses supported by SLC (click the subject links for full lists of supported courses): 

Additionally, the SLC offers support in writing, which can help you with those Reading and Composition courses or any course that has a lot of writing. 

They also have a really cool Language Exchange Program worth checking out if you're working on fluency in a second language. 

Residence Hall Tutoring 

If you live in the residence halls, tutoring is available close to home! Residential Life provides tutoring support and exam sessions throughout the units for some of the more popular lower-division courses. 

Learn more on the Residential Life's Academic Support webpage and keep an eye out for your weekly Res Hall newsletters for access to these opportunities.

Data Science

Data C8, Data 100 and Data 140 all employ tutors who are available to any student enrolled in the class during office hours. During the first week of classes, you'll be given information on how to access these tutoring resources. 

Data Science also keeps a list of the data science-related tutoring and academic resources on campus that they know about.

If you're from an under-resourced or low opportunity community, consider applying to the Data Scholars program. You'll not only get access to additional tutoring resources, but to a community of students to support you as a Data Science major.

Computer Science

The CS Mentors Program provides tutoring in a number of lower division Computer Science courses. You even have an option of getting P/NP 1 unit for the experience! Spaces can fill up, so we recommend exploring this early in the semester. Applications open about 2 weeks into the term.

If you're from an under-resourced or low opportunity community, the CS Scholars Program at UC Berkeley is a community in which students can learn and grow together. The goal of this program is to provide a supportive network in which students can thrive, but the positive results for these students in CS classes are also a big benefit.


The Econ Department offers tutoring services for Econ 1, Econ 100A/B, Econ 101A/B, Econ 140 and Econ 101. They also have a database of private tutors for hire. Check out the Econ Department's Tutoring webpage for more information. 


While offered through the College of Chemistry, CoC's Peer Tutoring is available to all UC Berkeley undergrads, even those in L&S. They offer drop-in peer tutoring for a variety of chemistry courses and even support with lab reports. 


While these tutoring resources are some of the most commonly used on campus, if you feel you need extra support in your classes, you can always check with the department that hosts the course to see if academic support is available. 

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