Connect through Community

Students preparing costume and hair for production of Midsummer Night's Dream stage playFinding community at UC Berkeley can make a real difference in your undergraduate experience. Not only does it help you feel a sense of belonging, it can also lead to opportunities.

Community during undergrad takes on many forms. Testing a variety of options will help you find what community looks like to you.

Best starting place for connecting with community

  • Connect@Cal matches students with both other individuals in their Bear Buddies program or with resources and opportunities that fit your interests. 

Other resources

  • The LEAD Center has a large list of student organizations where you might be able to find peers with similar interests.
  • Centers for Educational Justice & Community Engagement: CEJCE is a group of offices and centers that advocate for diverse communities on campus and offer opportunities to build community around identity. Includes African American Student Development, Asian Pacific American Student Development, Chicanx Latinx Student Development, Gender Equity Resource Center, Multicultural Community Center, Native American Student Development. 
  • Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence: Includes resources like EOP, Transfer Student Center, Undocumented Students Program, Re-Entry Program, Student Parents, and more, offering opportunities to build community around your lived experiences.

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