Connect with Academic Support

Student walking confidently through desks in classroom, holding study materials, while other students take exams The academic landscape in UC Berkeley's College of Letters and Science is filled with exciting opportunities to learn. Getting support can help you adjust more quickly to the academic rigor at Cal and find ways to improve your experiences in classes.

That support can take shape in a variety of ways and most of all, we encourage you to try support resources and see what works for you! 

Best starting place for academic support

There are many ways to get started, but we recommend:

  • Academic Advising if you are interested in understanding policy, program planning, choosing or asking questions about a major, and more. Check out our College Advising vs. Major Advising page for a deeper understanding of the different types of advisers available to you. 
  • The Student Learning Center (SLC) if you are interested in finding support for select classes, especially in math/stats, science, and econ. They also provide holistic academic coaching, support for writing papers, and have a language exchange program for those interested in sharpening their skills in a second language!

Other resources

  • Office hours for faculty and GSIs. These can be great resources to get support in specific classes as well as exploring a subject in more depth. Feeling intimidated or unsure how to start? Check out our related articles and media.
  • Departments. Departments may have additional opportunities for tutoring or support in their subject. They also have Undergraduate Major Advisers who can answer questions about the majors or minors in the department. 

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