Saffanat Sumra

Job title: 
L&S Peer Adviser

About Saffanat (Saffy) 

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology

Hi! My name is Saffanat, but please feel free to call be Saffy! I am a second year Molecular and Cell Biology student and I hope to minor in Toxicology. I am interested and involved in patient advocacy and I am currently a student intern at the UCSF Patient Support Corps program. I am also an undergraduate researcher at the Berkeley Psychophysiology Lab where I work on qualitative data analysis. Outside of school, I really enjoy hiking and making origami!

Hometown: Pomona, California

Favorite Thing about Peer Advising: Being able to understand and learn about the different perspectives from the various questions that students may have!

Favorite TV Shows: The Voice, Victorious