Brielle Buechler

Job title: 
L&S College Adviser
Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:

October 2022


B.A. in Sociology, University of California, Berkeley

M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration, Pennsylvania State University

How did you get here?

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, and first came to UC Berkeley in 2018 after I transferred from Diablo Valley College. As an undergraduate, I worked at the Transfer Student Center as a Peer Advocate Lead and transfer student mentor, helping prospective and current students navigate Cal. I had the opportunity to work on the Student Advisory Council on Undergraduate Education, where I was able to contribute to several projects within and in partnership with L&S. After graduating in 2020, I worked as the Student Support Specialist for the Northeastern University global network, but soon made my way back to UC Berkeley, with L&S advising!

What advice do you have for L&S students in general?
Get to know yourself! Yes, classes, internships, clubs, etc. are all important aspects of the college experience, but becoming the happiest version of yourself is just as important during your time here and during the transition into life after Cal. Try new hobbies, make new friends, eat all the cool foods, and spend your free time learning what makes you, YOU! Being a college student may be a temporary experience, but knowing and loving who you are will last you a lifetime.