Daunte Marshall

Job title: 
L&S College Adviser
Arts & Humanities

Title: L&S College Adviser


Arts and Humanities

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Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:

May 2022


M.Ed., Higher Education Administration, University of Toledo, August 2017

BA, Psychology, Ohio State University

How did you get here?

My introduction to working with students began as a Resident Advisor in undergrad at Ohio State University. I had the opportunity to serve as a RA in the residence halls for three years. I was fortunate to have supervisors and mentors in undergrad who were Hall Directors, advisors to student organizations, etc. In graduate school I served as an Assistant Hall Director for two years at the University of Toledo. During graduate school, I had an interest in pursuing roles in higher education in academic advising or multicultural affairs. It was through conversations during 1 on 1's with resident advisors I supervised, I realized I enjoyed talking with students and learning about how their classes, internships, and student teaching experiences were going. Also, I enjoyed the informal conversations as well, just talking and learning about their hobbies, interests, life, etc. This led me to pursue roles in academic advising. After graduate school, I have worked as an Academic Advisor for the past five years. I am looking forward to working with students, faculty, and staff here at U.C. Berkeley.

What is your advising philosophy?

My approach to advising is to utilize a holistic, student-centered approach to advising. Through conversations and active listening, I strive to assist students with exploring and pursuing their strengths, interests, majors and potential careers that interest them. I believe it is important to create an environment where students feel heard. I try to empower students to advocate for themselves, while offering support with navigating resources and offices on campus.

What advice do you have for L&S students in general?

Advice I'd give to L&S students would be to get involved on campus. Actively seek to build your community on campus. Get involved in student organizations, pursue campus jobs. Make your college experience holistic. Pursue your interest, strive to excel in and outside of the classroom. Make time for yourself as well, whether that's spending time with friends, exercising, hobbies, etc.

About me:

I'm originally from San Diego, California. My family relocated to Columbus, Ohio when I was 11 years old. Prior to relocating back to California, I spent the past four years in the Washington D. C. area. I enjoy reading, playing basketball, listening to music, and learning new skills that I can work on the side.