Briana Chavez

Job title: 
L&S College Adviser
Math & Physical Sciences

Title: L&S College Adviser


Math and Physical Sciences

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Joined the office in:
October 2019

B.A. in Psychology and  Film, University of California, Berkeley, 2019

How did you get here?:

Throughout high school and undergrad, I was committed to attaining a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy and I really wanted to become a counselor for underrepresented communities. Within my senior year at UC Berkeley, I realized I had no money saved and I was pretty burned out from my academics and just wanted to take a step back to gain some valuable work experience. Upon graduating, I applied to be an Intake Adviser within the L&S Advising Office, got the position and began working in October of 2019. I started the position believing I still wanted to pursue my MFT, but after a lot of reflection and becoming more involved in the office, I realized how much higher education has been a huge part of my life and how much I love working in a university setting. With that, I decided to stay on the path of working in higher education and applied to become an L&S College Adviser helping students attain their Bachelor of Arts degree!

What is your advising philosophy?:

I believe the purpose of advising is to offer a supportive, empathetic environment to students free from judgment and imposition. My advising philosophy is rooted in my experiences as a first-generation student of color and wanting to be the advisor and supporter my parents were to me on my academic journey. I aspire to guide and support students on their academic journey at UC Berkeley and ultimately be a lifelong learner and growth-partner to the ever-evolving community of students in higher education. What excites me the most about working with students is seeing them discover new ideas, resources and information that I provided them and seeing them feel confident in moving forward with their plans and decision-making. I know I am making a difference when students express how grateful they are for the detailed information I shared and the clarity I’ve brought them with our office and campus.

What advice do you have for L&S students in general?:

Ask questions! Even if we don't know the answer, we'll help you look for one or refer you to a department that does. We want to be as helpful as possible, so even if you just need to talk things over that you're not 100% sure about, we can help you out! I also recommend taking as many classes as you can that interest you; you may find an undiscovered passion you have in something completely different from your intended major.

Most unusual job you ever had?:

I wouldn't say this is unusual, but the most interesting job I've ever had was working in Main Stacks at Doe Library on campus. I would organize, stack, and sort books all day and I absolutely loved it! I would just listen to music or podcasts during my shifts and discover books I was interested in reading or see what other people were into reading at the time. It was almost meditative at times and would give me an opportunity to have designated quiet time while I was a busy college student.