Lauren Ash

Job title: 
L&S Intake Adviser

Title: L&S Intake Adviser

Neighborhood: Social Sciences/Interdisciplinary Majors

About Lauren

Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:
October 2018

B.A. in Sociology, San Francisco State University, 2014

How did you get here?
I originally went to college for Equine Science at Colorado State University with dreams of being a large animal vet. Turns out, that path was definitely not for me and I was left pretty lost and discouraged upon realizing that. I felt like I chose the wrong school, the wrong major, and couldn’t relate to any of my friends who were loving their college experiences. I ended up taking a Sociology class to fulfill a credit and fell in love. Two major changes later, I decided to transfer to San Francisco State University as a Sociology major, met a group of friends I fit in with and felt like I got a second chance at enjoying my college career. After graduating, I got a job at a career center in my hometown and realized I really love the experience of one-on-one interaction with others and helping them achieve their own successes. I’m very happy to be doing this with students here at UC Berkeley now!

What is the best class you’ve ever taken?
There are a lot that come to mind, but I’ll go with Psychology of Human Sexuality. It was taught by a really awesome professor at Colorado State University and really changed the way I think about societal norms of sexuality. 

What is your approach to advising?
Meeting students where they are and listening to their concerns. I find that in general, people just want to feel heard, and when you can reassure a student that you are there to listen and understand where they are coming from, it can really alleviate the stress and fear they might be feeling.

What advice do you have for L&S students in general?
Take classes that strike your interest, find something to study that you truly enjoy and that keeps you motivated throughout your academic career. Cherish the time you get with friends during your time in college; it is a unique period of time in your life that is easy to take for granted when you are a busy college student.