Aditi Ramakrishnan


Title: L&S Peer Adviser

About Me

Major(s):  Economics and Business

My hobbies include reading (usually around six books at a time- some call it being scatterbrained, I call it variety), writing quaint pieces on things I find beautiful, singing (I was trained in Indian classical for about 10 years!), and drawing/painting. I love long walks, both down the crooked, wonderfully graffitied, busy alleys of Mumbai, and through the wildflower filled hills of Cal. I also love discovering new coffee shops, although I can't stand coffee that isn't flavored with something else (usually vanilla), and am just as happy making you a cup of chai. I adore Harry Potter, and nothing makes me happier than finding out fellow fans' houses, Patronuses and whatnot. I love sunshine, crayons, the color purple, and the smell of rain.

Hometown: Bangalore, India

Favorite Thing About Peer Advising: Putting knowledge to good use, and channelizing L&S's formidable policybook into chunks that are simple and useful to my peers. Also talking to said peers!

Favorite TV Shows: Suits, Full House, Brooklyn Nine-Nine