How to Meet with an Undergraduate Major Adviser

Undergraduate Major Advisers

Undergraduate Major Advisers (UMAs) support students with understanding their major requirements, planning courses for their major, and other major-related issuess. This is different than the role of L&S College Advisers, who mostly focus on bigger picture questions (such as identifying a major or discussing taking on a double major) and other topics that can be found on this website. 

You do not have to be declared to work with most UMAs on campus, though some departments use peer advisers to answer more basic questions.

Every major department has their own advising services and schedule. For the most up-to-date information, it is best to check the department's website.
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Your Advising Neighborhood includes L&S College Advisers and Undergraduate Major Advisers (UMA) to support you. Scroll down on your neighborhood page to find links to UMA contact information.

Academic Guide

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Review all of majors and minors that UC Berkeley offers and find links to department websites.

Undergraduate Major Advisers (and Minor Advisers) support students with:

  • Satisfying major prerequisites and upper division requirements
  • Declaring or applying to the major; likelihood of admission
  • Exploring transfer work options for major requirements
  • Discussing how struggling in a major course may impact major progress
  • Developing your 4-year major plan and graduating on time
  • Learning about research and other departmental opportunities

You do not have to be declared to work with most UMAs on campus, though some departments use peer advisers to answer more basic questions.

Connecting with Undergraduate Major Advisers

Each major or minor department at Cal has its own way of managing advising. This is because major and minor departments differ drastically in size and how they serve students even outside of their departments. To get connected, you can: 

  • Find your Advising Neighborhood and scroll down to the Undergraduate Major Advisers section. These links will bring you directly to advising services for departments in your advising neighborhood. 
  • Or, find the website for the major or minor you are interested in through the UC Berkeley Academic Guide (or through an online search) and navigate information and services from there. 

Undergraduate Major Advising vs. L&S College Advising

Not sure if which type of adviser you should be meeting with? Check out our Let Us Help You Navigate page for more support.