L&S Mentors Program

Want to make the most out of college? Need guidance but not sure where to go?

L&S Mentors are current UC Berkeley PhD students who work with College of Letters & Science undergraduate students in the STEM, humanities, interdisciplinary, and social science fields. They offer one-on-one mentoring sessions and topic-focused small group discussions called Mentoring Hubs. 

They also connect students to university resources and facilitate UGIS 98: College Success in L&S.

L&S Grad Mentor Tip: Don't Trash Your 2020 Planner

Don’t Trash Your 2020 Planner - L&S Grad Mentor Tip of the Day

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Ask a Mentor About:

TopicsExample Questions
Adjusting to Campus Life
  • How can I feel like I belong?
  • Where can I meet students like me?
  • How do I deal with family pressure?

Wellness and Work

  • What work makes me happy?
  • How do I balance career goals with other interests?
  • What resources are available on campus?
Choosing a Path
  • What if I don't like what I'm doing? Can I change my mind?
  • How do I balance my career interests with my passions?
  • I need help choosing a major!
Study Strategies
  • How do I manage my workload?
  • How do I talk to my professors and GSIs?
  • How do I handle large amounts of reading?
Making the Most of Your Major
  • How does my major translate into a career?
  • Should I apply to grad school?
  • What do I write in my application essay?