Find Your Advising Neighborhood

What is an Advising Neighborhood?

At Cal, you will work with both L&S College Advisers and Undergraduate Major Advisers. While L&S College Advisers take a broader view of your academics and can be seen as generalists, it can be helpful to work with L&S College Advisers who have some expertise in your intended or declared major. 

Our new Advising Neighborhood model will help you connect with L&S College Advisers who are more familiar with your intended/declared major. It will also help you more easily find Undergraduate Major Advisers for your major-specific questions. Advisers in these neighborhoods will work closely together to give you a more consistent and holistic academic advising experience during your time at Cal. 

The majors in these neighborhoods are connected by theme, but also have taken size of majors into account. 

The nine L&S Advising Neighborhoods are:

Each neighborhood page includes contact information for both L&S College Advisers and Undergraduate Major Advisers in your Advising Neighborhood. Learn more about the differences between L&S College Advisers and Undergraduate Major Advisers to understand who to direct your questions to within your Advising Neighborhood. 

Don't know which Advising Neighborhood you fall into? Just click on your intended or declared major below to be directed to the right Neighborhood. 

Find Your Advising Neighborhood

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