Advising Support for Questions

Still have questions after reading through the website?

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This page will help you learn more about support options and which option may be best for you. This includes: 

  • Virtual Front Desk
  • Email
  • An L&S Advising Appointment

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Virtual Front Desk

Speed: Typically quickest for general questions

Our Virtual Front Desk is typically the quickest way to get answers to general questions. 

How to Use

  1. Check our Virtual Front Desk page and use the calendar to determine when the service is open (evening hours are often available!)
  2. Sign on using the Zoom link (your choice to use camera or not!)
  3. Ask your question to one of our intake staff or peer advisers!


Speed: Typically a max of 72 hours for general questions

If you enjoy the ease of email or appreciate information in writing, email can be used for non-urgent, general advising questions. 

How to Use

Email for questions. 

Submitting a form or petition? Send to

L&S Advising Appointment 

Speed: Depends on Availability. Appointments are 30 minutes for more involved advising questions

If after reading through a policy or procedure, you have questions about your particular circumstances, want to talk through a more complex issue, or have a number of questions, an advising appointment is an option to have a more in-depth conversation. 

How to Use

To learn more about these topics, determine if there is a particular adviser you should see, and to schedule an L&S Advising appointment, visit our Get Advice page. 

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