Policy Modifications History

If you are looking for policy modifications for Spring 2020 through Summer 2021, please see our Policy Modifications History by Term page. Due to a large number of policy modifications for terms impacted by COVID, these terms have their own pages. 

This page covers modifications from other semesters. 

What is a "policy modification"? 

A policy modification is a temporary change to a policy due to extenuating circumstances during a semester. It does not refer to permanent policy changes. Policy modifications are rare.

Procedure modifications refer to temporary changes in procedure, such as an extended deadline. Procedure modifications are typically only important during the term in which they occur, so they will not be listed on this page unless it is determined that being able to reference a procedure modification after the fact would be helpful. 

Policy modifications by term

Spring 2023

Double major criteria amended

Starting Spring 2023, the requirement that students must complete at least one semester at UC Berkeley and have an overall GPA of 2.0 was removed. From Spring 2023 onward, provided that both majors approve, students can declare double majors in their first semester. Additionally, from Spring 2023 onward, students do not need to have a GPA of 2.0 to declare a double major. However, they will still need to fulfill the minimum GPA requirements and prerequisites to declare each major, which is typically a 2.0. The major can decide to declare a student without a UC GPA or with a GPA that is less than 2.0. As a reminder, students are required to graduate with at least a 2.0 major GPA.

This amendment does not apply to students pursuing a simultaneous degree. Requirements to declare a simultaneous degree remain the same.

Fall 2022

In Fall 2022, due to a strike of academic student employees, some modifications were made that impacted late changes to class schedule and policies relating to Pass/No Pass grading. Please see the Fall 2022 Late Grading Option Change Modification page for full details. 

Spring 2022

Late change of grading option for EECS 16B

For Spring 2022 only, students were able to request late grading option changes for EECS 16B  (P/NP to LG or LG to P/NP) without the action using up one of their two late changes of class schedule. There were no limits to the amount of times students could change the grading options for EECS 16B as long as changes were requested by the April 29th deadline. This only applied to grading option changes; not drops.

No requests to change a grading option in EECS 16B made after the April 29, 2022 were considered. 

Students needed to submit their requests using the L&S Late Change of Class Schedule Qualtrics(link is external) form so it could be manually coded to not apply to their limit of two late changes of class schedule. If you accidentally submitted your request through the CalCentral eForm, inform lspetitions@berkeley.edu. Extra steps will need to be taken to remove this late change from your limit.

Fall 2021

Modification to procedure for DSP Late Change of Class Schedule

DSP was impacted by staff turnover and leaves in Fall 2021. Students who submitted a late drop or grading option change (to P/NP) along with a DSP appointment verification by the Fall 2021 deadline were allowed extended time to submit their official letter of support from DSP for review. The extended deadline for these letters was April 29, 2022. If you were not eligible for a DSP letter of support or did not submit one by the April 29 deadline, any late changes submitted in Fall 2021 will count toward your regular L&S late change limit.