Fall 2022 Late Grading Option Change Modification

Fall 2022 Late Grading Option Change Modification

The Berkeley Division of the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) advocated  for emergency grading policy adjustments in light of the ongoing strike of academic student employees.

In response to the ASUC’s requests, the Letters & Science Executive Committee approved the following changes:

  • The L&S Pass/No Pass late change of class schedule deadline will be extended to 11:59 P.M. Pacific (California) Time Zone on Sunday, December 11, 2022.  

  • Students can submit a request to change their grading option from letter grade to P/NP. (Please note that students are not allowed to change from P/NP to a letter grade.)

  • Any late change to P/NP request submitted Dec 8 -11 will not count towards the limit of two late changes of class schedule permitted by the College over the course of a student’s time in the College. 

  • Passed (P) grades from this term (Fall 2022) will be allowed to fulfill L&S Essential Skills requirements: Reading & Composition, Quantitative Reasoning, and Foreign Language.


Per L&S's academic probation policy, students on academic probation must take all optionally graded courses for letter grade. See our Academic Probation page for more details on probation policies. 

Details of Modifications

  1. L&S students on good academic standing are allowed to change their grading options from letter grade to Pass/No Pass (P/NP) between Dec 8 and Dec 11. 

  2. Grading option changes to P/NP submitted between Dec 8 and Dec 11 will not count toward the late change of class schedule limit and students may change as many courses in their Fall 2022 schedule to P/NP as they wish during this timeframe. 

  3. This modification does not apply to any other late change of class schedule (grading option changes from P/NP to letter grade, late drops or late adds). 

  4. L&S College Requirements: Reading & Composition, Quantitative Reasoning, and Foreign Language, which typically must be satisfied with a letter grade, can be satisfied with a Passed (P) grade during Fall 2022 if a student elects to take the course for P/NP. This does not include Entry Level Writing. College Writing R1A must be taken for a letter grade and completed with a C or better to fulfill the Entry Level Writing requirement. 

  5. While departments are encouraged to allow P grades to fulfill major requirements, exceptions to major requirements will be decided on by the major department. 

  6. The 1/3 P/NP limit for graduation still applies. This requirement is UC-wide and cannot be modified. See FAQ for support calculating your 1/3 limit.

  7. Students should read through the FAQ below to understand potential impacts and limitations before making any decisions about grading option changes. Other academic policies may need to be considered in your decision-making.


Late changes of grading option to Pass/No Pass must be submitted by: 11:59 P.M. Pacific (California) Time Zone on Sunday, Dec 11. 

This is a hard deadline and cannot be extended, even for technical issues. We recommend submitting your form during our Virtual Front Desk hours (weekdays only) in case you have questions.

How to change a grading option to P/NP: 

Submit the special Late Change of Grading Option (to P/NP) form (form taken down) by the deadline. 

All requests are final and cannot be revoked or reversed. Please review our FAQ below before you make your decision.

If you have already submitted a late grading option change to P/NP that was denied due to the late change limit, please resubmit your request with the form above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a P grade satisfy...?

For L&S students, a P grade earned in Fall 2022 will satisfy:

  • Reading and Composition
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Foreign Language

A P grade earned in Fall 2022 might satisfy: 

  • L&S major or minor requirements. This decision will be made by the major or minor department*. 

*Please note that departments are currently deliberating on whether to modify their policies and may need time to announce a decision.

A P grade earned in Fall 2022 will not satisfy

  • Entry Level Writing (as a UC-wide requirement, L&S cannot modify this requirement)

A P grade will always satisfy

  • American History and American Institutions
  • American Cultures
  • L&S Seven-Course Breadth

See our Degree Requirements page for more information on these requirements. 

Processing Times and Confirming Submission


Due to the unusual timing of these changes and the manual reviewing and processing required, requests to change grading options will take through January 16, 2023 to process. 

Your grading option change will still be processed, even if you are assigned a letter grade before your request is addressed.

PROCESSING TIME TO update Academic Progress reports

Updates to Academic Progress Reports to allow Passed (P) grades to satisfy Essential skills may not reflect on your CalCentral until later in the Spring semester. Please check back for updates on this timeline. 

Checking in on requests

 An email will be sent to all students who submitted a request by Dec 16 to confirm receipt. Due to an extremely high number of submissions, we cannot confirm receipt of individual requests. Thank you for your patience.

Simultaneous Degree Students

Simultaneous degree students must get permission from both of their colleges for late changes of class schedule. If the other college does not approve the under the extended deadline, simultaneous degree students cannot be approved for these modified late changes of grading option.

Academic Probation

Students on academic probation for the Fall 2022 semester cannot change grading options to P/NP. See our Academic Probation page for more information. 

Per Academic Probation policy, students on good academic standing may be placed on academic probation for taking all grading options P/NP in Fall 2022. If you earn no letter grades for the Fall 2022 term (and therefore earn a 0.0 semester GPA), use the following guidelines:

  • All P grades = you will remain on good academic standing
  • All NP grades = you will be placed on academic probation
  • Mixture of P, NP, and I grades = you will be reviewed for academic probation

See the Academic Probation page for more information. 

1/3 P/NP Limit and GPA for Graduation

These requirements have not been modified for Fall 2022 coursework. 

Passed (P) grades may account for no more than 1/3 of your total required units for graduation. Fall 2022 passed grades will count toward this limit.  CalCentral has an estimator tool to help you understand where you are toward this limit. Check out this 1-minute video on how to find and use this tool.

Also, you must have an overall GPA of at least 2.0 to graduate. 

These are not L&S requirements and the College therefore has no authority to modify the P/NP limit or the GPA required to graduate. 

See the Degree Requirements page for more information on these requirements. 


This policy has not been modified for Fall 2022 coursework. 

If you earned a D+ or lower in a course and are retaking the course for grade replacement, you must earn a letter grade in the second attempt of the course for the grade to be considered for replacement. Other restrictions apply to repeats. See our Course Repeats page for more details. 

This is not an L&S policy and the College therefore has no authority to modify repeat rules.

Transfer Credit

The Fall 2022 P/NP modifications do not extend to transfer coursework. If you are taking coursework at a transfer institution in order to satisfy any of the requirements below, this coursework must be taken for a letter grade in order to satisfy the requirement. 

  • Reading and Composition
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Foreign Language
  • Major/Minor Requirements normally satisfied with letter grades
See our Transfer Credit section for more information about taking transfer coursework. 

Law school, medical school, and other graduate or professional programs

Taking more than two P/NP grades during your undergraduate career, or taking P/NP in your junior or senior year can impact a student's chances of admission into law school. 

Only letter graded coursework can satisfy premed requirements. 

Taking a large number of P/NP grades, overall or in a single term, may also have an impact in applying to all competitive graduate or professional programs. We recommend exercising caution. 

Check out our Choosing Letter Grade vs. Pass/No Pass video for more on this topic. 

Can I get a different exception based on this change?

No other changes, such as reinstating dropped courses, are permitted as a result of this modification. 

Conduct Violations

Students cannot change grading options for courses in which they have been found responsible for an academic conduct violation.