Ziva Armstrong

Job title: 
L&S College Adviser
Social Sciences/Interdisciplinary Majors

Title: L&S College Adviser


EAP Reciprocity Student Advising


Social Sciences/Interdisciplinary Majors

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Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:

October 2021

BA in French & History from UCLA, 2013
MS in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Miami University (in Ohio!), 2019

What is your approach to advising?
I believe that there is no one "right" way to do college and that being a good advisor means helping you determine your goals and the steps you want to take to achieve them, not prescribing my idea of what your goals should be. My objective is for you to leave our appointment with options, resources, and clear next steps. I promise to partner with you by connecting you to who you need to speak with, explaining policies, and advocating for and with you using all the tools available to me. You can learn more about my advising philosophy at: https://tinyurl.com/AboutZiva

How did you get here?
I followed a winding path to where I am now as I explored my interests and found where I thrived and where I didn't. I entered college wanting to be a French teacher. My sophomore year, I discovered I loved History, added a second major, and decided I would become a history professor. My junior year, I studied abroad in France which got me interested in becoming a Foreign Service Officer. I spent a year abroad again after graduating to explore that, before ultimately deciding I preferred to work with students rather than government officials.

I first came to UC Berkeley in 2015 to work at the Berkeley International Office supporting international students at Cal. While working there, I realized I love helping students and being a part of their college journeys, so I went back to school and got my masters in Student Affairs in Higher Education in 2019. I love my work at L&S and being a source of support and a friendly ear for whatever students need. I appreciate the twists and turns that helped me learn more about myself to get to this point--and who knows what I might discover and where I might end up in the future!

What advice do you have for L&S students in general?
You have two "jobs" as a student--explore classes and majors you love, and explore career options with internships, informational interviews, and jobs. Major and career do not always relate directly! I also encourage all students to see if studying abroad or studying away (such as UCDC) will fit into their plan, because it's such a unique life-changing opportunity and there are more funding opportunities than people realize!

Don't worry about "falling behind"--You are where you are meant to be on your own unique path. It's ok to mourn when things go wrong, but remember that every challenge, mistake, or failure is an opportunity to learn and helps us grow in ways we never could have expected.

About me
I am originally from San Diego and now I live in Berkeley with my partner and fluffy black cat Bastion. I love hiking and riding my bicycle around the gorgeous East Bay, trying new restaurants, and reading on the couch with my cat. I also love to travel, and try to go somewhere new every year. So far, I have visited 18 countries!