Rachel Remillard

Job title: 
L&S College Adviser


B.S. Bachelor of Science in Psychology,

Associates of Arts Degree in Psychology

Associates of Arts in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Associates of Arts in Mathematics and Science

Why Did you Choose to Work within Higher Education?

My decision to select working in higher education/student affairs as a career goal began in college. Being a first-generation transfer, and EOP student, I immersed myself in student support services that equipped me with the knowledge and opportunities for success. Through my interactions with counselors and support staff, I came to know that they were genuinely concerned with encouraging students and providing the best assistance towards students accomplishing their individual goals. The compassion and real concern they had for their student’s welfare led me to select working in higher education/student affairs.

What do you like most about Higher Education/Student Affairs?

I love interacting with students and giving the kind of direction that will positively impact and enable them to reach their fullest potential. I consider myself to be very empathetic, patient, non-judgmental, and considerate of other people’s feelings and viewpoints. Seeing students reach for their aspirations and witnessing their growth of self-confidence drives my passion for student affairs and counseling.

What advice do you have?

One of the best pieces of advice I have is to never be afraid to ask questions. You never know what additional information you may receive and the connections you may make. Take advantage of all the opportunities for personal and professional development including internships and student clubs.

What do you enjoy doing for fun?

I love being outdoors and traveling around the world. I recently went on a three-month Europe trip which included presenting at an international conference on academic success.