Marisol Silva

Job title: 
L&S College Adviser
Social Sciences/Interdisciplinary Majors

Title: L&S College Adviser


Social Sciences/Interdisciplinary Majors

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About Marisol

Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:
L&S Mentor - June 2019, College Adviser - January 2020
BA, Latin American Studies, Yale University
MA, Ethnic Studies and Designated Emphasis, Women, Gender, & Sexuality, UC Berkeley
PhD Candidate, Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley
How did you get here?
At 17, I left left home and traveled across the country to go to a fancy school in the Northeast. I was not ready... and I knew it. I got to college and graduated because of amazing faculty and staff mentors. After graduating college, I started working with first generation, low income, disabled, and BIPOC college students and feel fortunate to continue doing this work today!
What is your approach to advising?
My approach to advising has always been informed by love, compassion, anti-racism, and anti-sexism but, in 2014, I was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement to reassess my work. Applying a BLM framework to advising means that my approach is guided by intentionally centering the needs of Black and other marginalized student groups. I am committed to providing the best results-driven tools and practices to address structural educational inequities for Black and other marginalized student groups because, as Fannie Lou Hamer said, "[n]obody's free until everybody's free."
What advice do you have for L&S students in general?
YOU BELONG HERE. Check out the different libraries on campus. Use Cal resources - they are here for you! And make an appointment with a College Adviser at least once before your last year!
Most unusual job you ever had?
I used to sell knives.
About me
I'm a mom, a life-long student, and an educator. I'm PhD candidate writing a dissertation on protest art in Arizona. Some of my favorite things are singing, dancing, karaoke-ing, eating, watching movies, and the color pink. I also love learning about plants, herbal remedies, traditional Mexican medicine, crocheting, spending time with loved ones, and laughing. My favorite joke is: What do you call a cow with no legs? Come see me for the answer!