Welcome to the Math and Physical Sciences Advising Neighborhood!

This page will guide you in scheduling an academic advising appointment for in-depth questions or discussions. If you are unsure whether you need an appointment or have quick questions, see our Quick Advising Services instead. 

Meet with an L&S College Adviser

L&S Advisers' expertise is in answering non-major-specific academic questions. 

Sample topics: 

  • Non-major degree requirements
  • Exploring majors or double majors
  • General program planning
  • Struggling with a class or multiple classes
  • Getting the most out of your undergraduate experience
  • Connecting with campus resources for support

*At this time, our appointment system is unable to support call-in for zoom appointments. We have contacted our vendor and hope to re-introduce this option in the future. 

Meet with a Major Adviser

Major Advisers specialize in major-specific questions, especially in relation to declaring or major planning. 

Sample topics: 

  • Major requirements
  • Declaring/applying to a major
  • Planning major courses
  • Transfer work options for major requirements
  • Impacts to major progress if struggling
  • Research and other departmental opportunities

Visit the major department website for appointment booking

Major advising is available in your major's academic department. Department websites are linked below.  

Click for major advising by department