What's the deal with DeCals?

August 3, 2022

Group of students swing dancing in front of the student book storeHave you heard the term "DeCal" but feel fuzzy on what they actually are? Today, we'll cover these fantastic add-ons to your semester schedule.

What are DeCals?

DeCal stands for "Democratic Education at Cal" and refers to student-run courses at UC Berkeley. Students create and run their own courses on a huge array of subjects, from the broadly...

Imposter Syndrome at UC Berkeley: What is it and what can you do?

April 18, 2022

Group of people in a line holding each other upAs a former L&S Mentor, Eliotte Garling engaged with many undergrads about their experiences at Cal, both the good parts and the tough parts. Many experience feelings or thoughts related to a common phenomenon called "imposter syndrome," so having conversations on this topic has become a significant part of Eliotte's mentorship...

Public Service and Activism: 5 Ways to Get Started

December 31, 2021

Group of 13 "Alternative breaks" program leaders making silly faces at camera, standing in front of garden of potted plantsWant to make a difference? Whether you're on a path toward a career in public service or activism and want to start building your resume or if you want to do something meaningful with your free time, here are 5 opportunities to explore:

1. Public Service Center


Find Community through Connect@Cal

January 4, 2022

Group of students gathered on stadium field, at night, during Golden Bear OrientationHow do you meet other students at Cal?

We spoke with Johnny Nguyen, Cal undergrad and co-founder of Connect@Cal, to learn more about how a click of a button can help you find your people.

How can I find community through Connect@Cal?

Connect@Cal is an...

Get a personal mentor (and a unit!) with Berkeley Connect

January 11, 2022

Two students talking with Berkeley Connect mentorFinding mentorship at Cal can seem daunting, but there are amazing opportunities at Berkeley that make finding mentorship approachable to everyone! Michele Rabkin from the Berkeley Connect program helped us learn more about a program that helps you find both mentorship and community at Cal.

What is Berkeley Connect?

Berkeley Connect is a...