Semester Schedule Planning


There are many considerations to make when planning for a successful semester! Remember that a great schedule for one student will not work for another. Each student has their own priorities, commitments outside of the classroom, learning styles, and more. Build a semester schedule that works for you. Check out the information below, but if you still need help, meet with an L&S College Adviser or an Undergraduate Major Adviser (UMA) for support.

The Degree Requirements page can help you understand which requirements you will need to satisfy and any unit restrictions to be aware of. 

Building a Balanced Schedule

One of the keys to academic success is taking a balanced course load that allows you to work toward or explore your intended major while you fulfill your degree requirements. At UC Berkeley, balance means enrolling in a variety of courses and taking a manageable unit load that works for you. For example, it is not recommended to enroll in more than two STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math) courses in a semester, or more than two writing-intensive courses.

Watch our brief video about finding balance in your schedule:

UCB L&S "Balanced Meal" approach to your schedule

Play this video to learn more about the "balanced meal" approach to building your semester schedule.