Michelle (Logarta) Radford

Job title: 
L&S College Adviser
Math & Physical Sciences

Title: L&S College Adviser


Math and Physical Sciences

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About Michelle

Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in: 

October 2020

B.A. Psychology, UC Santa Cruz
M.S. College Counseling, San Francisco State University

How did you get here?
One of my first jobs was a counselor for students at the Community Youth Center (CYC) in San Francisco. I found myself enjoying the work and knew this is what I wanted to continue doing. Other influences that led me to counseling was the fact that I am a first generation college graduate from a big Filipino family where I always helped where I could. My personal experiences as a student struggling in my undergraduate studies to navigate through the college system influenced me as well.  I understand that higher education is not tailored to everyone, which is why I strive to provide the best service for students who are struggling as I did. I want to use my personal experience and professional work experiences from SFSU, UCB Career Center, and here at L&S Advising to engage in conversations and develop connections which I hope leads to solutions.

What is your approach to advising?

I'm all for working together as a collaborative approach to identify solutions, explore your interests, create goals, and engage in conversations that will help you in your decisions, plans, or ideas. I’m all about hearing your questions, your thoughts, and your stories whether it’s seeing visions for your major or hearing you expand your curiosity for a degree or career. I want to hear it all!

What advice do you have for L&S students in general?

Trust in the process and enjoy the process. As you pursue a path towards education or career,  you’re growing and learning so much about yourself. Mistakes are going to happen and goals can change, but know that is perfectly fine! It is important to take the good and bad from your experiences and use them as a tool to build a foundation for your future education and career goals.

Most unusual job you ever had?

I was a greeter for a retail store which explains the positive, upbeat personality I have with anyone I meet. Being the first and last person a customer sees has its rewards. Till this day I still consider myself a greeter champ.

About me

(She/ her/ hers) I’m an SF native where my interest and hobbies goes with the seasons. It starts from watching my Bay Area teams win championships. Skiing at Lake Tahoe in the winter to enjoying the walks, hikes, and views in the summer. Most of all, trying new things when it comes to food and restaurants will always be my favorite thing for every season.