Jhovany Gonzalez

Job title: 
L&S College Adviser
Biological Sciences

Title: L&S College Adviser


Biological Sciences

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Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:

October 2023

BS, Psychology, Saint Mary's College of CA
MA, Counseling - College Student Services, Saint Mary's College of CA

How did you get here?

When I was an undergraduate student at Saint Mary's College, I worked at the Registrar office for my entire undergraduate career. My major was psychology and because psychology is such a broad field, I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take with it. One day during my senior year, the staff at the Registrar office (having now known them for four years) encouraged me to pursue a career in higher education. Upon some reflection, I realized that part of the reason I worked at the Registrar office as a student worker for four years was because I actually liked working with and helping students. As a first-generation student, I also realized how difficult it can be to navigate the college landscape. From there, I decided to pursue a career in higher ed. My first job was at California College of the Arts as a Records Coordinator and then moved on to CSU East Bay as Graduation Evaluator. After a couple years at CSUEB, I transitioned to being a College Advisor at UC Berkeley, then UC Davis as a College Advisor, and now I am back at UC Berkeley as a Senior College Advisor.

What is your advising philosophy?

In my work with students, I aim to bring a strengths-based and holistic advising approach. Our main area of focus is academic advising, but I will always make the attempt to learn about the student as a whole person - their likes, aspirations, strengths, areas of improvement, etc. My goal is to ensure the student feels supported and comfortable so that there is no hesitation to reach out to me or our office as needed during their time at CAL.

What advice do you have for L&S students in general?

Take some time to reflect. At the end of every semester, reflect upon the areas within your control that you can continue to improve or change. If there are challenges or hardships in areas outside of your control, do not hesitate to seek support. UC Berkeley is a ginormous school so it's easy to feel alone or lost, but there are individuals, teams, programs, and services that are here to provide support, guidance, and sometimes just a listening ear. Lastly, it's true that grades are important, but your college journey is so much more than just a GPA, so please consider pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and pursue new adventures, opportunities, and have fun!

A little more about me

Born and raised in the Bay Area (East Bay). My time outside of work is typically spent with family, jogging, playing basketball, landscaping, house projects. Big hoops fan; lifelong fan of the Lakers!