How to check your CalCentral eform

If you have submitted a Late Change of Class Schedule request through CalCentral and the change does not go through immediately, it may have been routed to another office or person for permission. When this happens, your CalCentral eform is marked as "Pending."

For information on what requests need permissions for approval, see the FAQ section on our Late Change of Class Schedule page. 

If you are nervous about whether your submission went through and wish to check, you can do so on CalCentral. Go to your CalCentral's "My Dashboard" tab, find "Student Resources" and, under the "Manage your Forms," section, select, "View Submitted Forms." 

Screenshot of CalCentral Student Resources section with an arrow pointing to "View Submitted Forms"

From there, you can select “pending” from the drop down under Form Status and then click Search.

Screen shot of form status page on CalCentral, with the word "Pending" in the box next to "Form Status"