Undecided on Major

Major: Undecided

Being undecided allows you to explore broadly, making sure you fully understand all Cal has to offer before making a decision. This page will focus on how to get advising support, as well as giving you tools to help you assess and narrow down your options. 

Undecided vs. Undeclared

Being undecided means you have not yet decided which major you wish to pursue. 

Being undeclared simply means you have not yet declared a major. Some undeclared students are also undecided, while some have a pretty clear idea of what they wish to pursue. 

Getting Academic Advising

You can approach academic advisers (College and Major) from any neighborhood as you move through your exploration. L&S College Advisers will all be able to advise you on steps to choosing a major and, by taking a longer and broader view, can help you make meaningful connections among your courses and experiences at Berkeley. Finding an L&S College Adviser in an Advising Neighborhood simply means that adviser will have more expertise on the majors within that neighborhood. 

How to approach getting advising can depend on how much you have already narrowed down your options:

  • Undeclared but not undecided: If you are not declared, but you know which major you would like to pursue, work with the College and Major advisers in your Advising Neighborhood
  • Narrowed significantly: If you have narrowed your options to about 2-3 majors, see which Advising Neighborhoods your majors fall into.
    • If they are in the same Advising Neighborhood, you can work with the L&S College and Major advisers in that Advising Neighborhood
    • If they are different Advising Neighborhoods, you can work with L&S College Advisers in any of those Advising Neighborhoods. It can be helpful to ask yourself if you have one major that you are more interested in or if there is a major you have more questions about. If so, it may be helpful to start by working with that Advising Neighborhood since that is where you need more advising support. Any more advanced questions about specific majors should be directed to the Undergraduate Major Adviser for that major. 
  • Exploring broadly: See "Start Your Search!" below for support in beginning your major search. For your L&S College Advising needs, you are welcome to meet with any L&S College Adviser, though it may be helpful to choose someone in a division (Arts & Humanities, Biological Sciences, Math & Physical Sciences, or Social Sciences / Interdisciplinary Majors) that you have some interest in. See your Get Advice and Make Appointments page to get advising support. 

Start Your Search!

Our Explore Majors & Minors page can provide you with steps and resources for your search. 

Can't Narrow it Down?

Don’t see an existing major that allows you to focus on a meaningful question or problem that interests you, nor  allow you to do so through an interdisciplinary lens? Don’t want to confine your studies to a traditional major with a curriculum that is pre-planned? Want to work closely with a faculty adviser for guidance developing your area of concentration classes and research paper?

Consider an Interdisciplinary Approach! Interdisciplinary majors are focused around a theme, but pull courses from multiple departments. Not all topics can be explored through interdisciplinary majors, but if your topic has a social science question at its core, check out the Social Sciences E / Interdisciplinary Majors to look into some of these options.